Perfect Partner

The #1 Method to Find the Perfect Partner for Your Empire

Looking for “The One” is a quest as old as time. As a romantic at heart, I believe that there is a perfect partner for everyone. I certainly feel I have that with my...
Love Grant Cardone

How We Made #10XRich #1 Trending on Twitter

My friends, we broke the internet and made #10XRich the #1 trending hashtag on Twitter — in minutes. Granted, I am constantly overwhelmed by the power of the 10X nation. But this time, you...
Master P

LION MENTALITY: Success Secret from Master P

During my Power Players series, I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the OGs of the hip-hop game… Percy Miller aka Master P. However, I was more interested in how he...
Super Bowl 2023 Grant Cardone

Super Bowl 2023… Or Success?

The 2023 Super Bowl features two of the most athletic juggernauts in the league — the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. But whichever team wins won’t matter at the end of the...
Valentines Day 2023

What Grant and I Are Doing for Valentines Day 2023

I feel it is such a huge compliment that so many of you look up to the relationship Grant and I have. It is a responsibility that neither of us takes lightly. With that...
Tools to Generate Leads

Revealing My Proven Tools to Generate Unlimited LEADS

Having effective tools to generate leads can completely revolutionize your business…  Generating leads:  Maintains a steady stream of traffic Keeps your sales team winning Skyrockets your revenue The problem is that most small businesses don’t know how to fill...
Creative Financing

Q&A: How to Master the Game of Creative Financing

Today’s questions come from Judy R., who wants to know about how to get into real estate with no money... which got me thinking about creative financing... I agree about tangible assets. And I love...
Real Estate Women

Why I Love Real Estate as a Powerful Tool for Women

Truth be told, I wasn’t always in love with real estate. I knew my husband saw it as a good investment. However, apart from the big picture, I didn’t see the true power of...
10-year Treasury Chart

THIS 10-Year Treasury Chart Can Help You in a Volatile Market

Today, I'm going to share with you how this 10-year Treasury chart might help you as a real estate investor... Doing your first deal? Want to potentially: Maximize your leverage? Increase your cash flow? Understand how to navigate risk…...

Q&A: Should You Pull Equity from Your Home Right NOW?

Today's great question comes all the way from Canada. My husband is a builder here in Canada.  We own our home out-right, which he should be done building in February.  We’re guessing the home should be worth...
Buyer's Market

Want to Make the Most of a Buyer’s Market?

Are you ready to close some deals? Because let me tell you — we are in a buyer's market right now. See, the recent surge in interest rates has made life REALLY difficult for sellers. Right...
Expand Don't Contract

Why Expand… While Others Contract?

The usual reaction when times get tough is to cut the fat, tighten your belt, and let things go… In other words, to retreat. However, I am going to make the argument that you...
Unbreakable Business Challenge Live Updates

The TRUTH About the Unbreakable Business Challenge

The Unbreakable Business Challenge is set to be the largest online event in history. With a claim that big, you’re probably curious about the who, what, where, when, and why of the whole affair....
Warm Calling

My Unbreakable WARM CALLING Method to Close Red-Hot Prospects

What if I told you there are some deals that are easier to close than others? The secret is to make contact with prospects who are revved up and ready to roll. In other...
What Is Omnipresence

What Is Omnipresence — and How Can It Make You Unbreakable?

Omnipresence is a big word with even bigger connotations. Depending on who you talk to, it is associated with huge entities of the mass media, the government, and the Almighty… For that reason, you have...
Great Father

How to Know if You’re a Great Father

As a parent, it occasionally crosses my mind how well I'm raising my girls, Scarlett and Sabrina. I am especially committed to being a great father because I know what effect not having a...
Real Estate Business Plan

How to Create a Business Plan for Real Estate Investing

Want to increase your chances of success in the world of real estate investing? Then don’t overlook this step most new investors miss — creating a business plan for real estate investing… Because your business...
2023 Resolutions

So, How Are Those 2023 Resolutions Going?

To many people, the New Year symbolizes a fresh start, doing things differently, and making significant changes. With that in mind, before the clock struck midnight on the last night of 2022, you probably...
Success Story Illustration

What You Could Gain from David’s Success Story

Today, I want to share a success story from one of my students, David P. ​​I started my life over in 2016, got back into real estate with a few crumbs of money. I started to...
Build a Legacy

How to Build an Invincible Legacy — Starting Today

When thinking about how to build a legacy, all of us are faced with the same two questions… Does your impact on others end when you pass away? Or do you want to leave a legacy...
Success Skill Illustration

The #1 Skill That Supercharged My Success

Real, lasting abundance is not something that happens overnight. There are many elements that pushed me to where I am today. Nonetheless, I believe one skill supercharged my success more than any others…  I always...
Real Estate Recession

5 Ways to Dominate Real Estate in a Recession

Here’s a quick breakdown of 5 crucial ways you can dominate the multifamily real estate market – even in a recession. (1) SEE DEBT AS YOUR FRIEND TODAY Here’s what I’m seeing these days – the...
Decision-making Strategies

Our Top 5 Decision-Making Strategies for Couples

Many people look up to me and Grant as a power couple. This is a huge responsibility and a lot of work — trying to align our strong personalities with millions of eyes on...
Product Demonstration

How to Master the Product PRESENTATION to Boost Sales

Tell me if this has ever happened to you… Your client asks you about a specific product. Then once you do your product presentation and get to the negotiation stage, there are suddenly all...
Active VS Passive Investor

How to Become a Passive Investor

Today’s great question about becoming a passive investor comes from Dr. Sandra C. I have watched and listened to several videos… and read several of your emails about the opportunity to invest cash in real...