Leader for Over $91.9 Billion Revenue Microsoft

Who Spearheaded a $91.9+ BILLION Revenue Explosion for Microsoft?

What happens when you put an award-winning business connoisseur at the helm of a tech giant? Revenue skyrockets to more than $91.9 billion. This is the story of Kevin Turner, the chief executive who...
Top Marketing Podcast Host Jenna Kutcher

Who Runs the #1 Marketing Podcast in the COUNTRY?

As the top marketing podcast in America, “Goal Digger” gets 1.5 million downloads each month and has amassed more than 74 million over its time on the air. At its forefront is a small-town...
10X Business Summit Speakers

Secure Your FREE Virtual Seat at the 10X Business Summit

Find out how to attend the 10X Business Summit for exclusive interviews with massively successful entrepreneurs
Sales Closing Techniques

Red-Hot SALES CLOSING Techniques for High-Ticket Deals

For over thirty years, I have built my livelihood on teaching people effective sales closing techniques... Despite my track record of success, I still have those who doubt my process.  One of the top excuses I...
Content Marketing Tips

10X Content Marketing Tips from Billionaire Business Influencer

After 15 years of continued social media domination, I guarantee the content marketing tips I’m about to share with you are the best in the game…  Way back in 2007, I started this little YouTube...
Trillion-Dollar Company CEO

The Man Who DOUBLED a Trillion-Dollar Company’s Assets

There are some famous names that come to mind when we think of the super wealthy. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet are just a few examples. But there is someone who has...
10X Movement Pattern

What Sparked the GLOBAL 10X Movement

The 10X movement started in 2011, when I published a book that would go on to change countless lives. Now, you can get your copy for FREE...
How to Become a Business Owner

The Million-Dollar Playbook on How to Become a Business Owner

Despite all the financial segments on network TV, gurus, and books out there, no one really tells you how to successfully become a business owner…  A lot of this “advice” is either just motivational or...
Rob Dyrdek Business Machine

High School Dropout to Pro Skater, MTV Icon, and Now Business Machine. This is...

When someone becomes a pro athlete at just 16 years old, you know they're committed to building a 10X future. Previous 10X Business Summit guest Rob Dyrdek chose this very path, and he has...
Perfect Apartment Complex

The Perfect Apartment Complex, According to a Real Estate Mogul*

Without a doubt, I believe investing in apartment buildings is one of the best vehicles for wealth creation — when done right. And to do it right, you need to know what to look...
Brand Partnerships Grant Cardone

Are Brand Partnerships Worth It?

In general, brand partnerships get a bad rap. Many people don’t want to sell out or feel like they “owe” a corporation something...  For this reason, the majority of individuals I meet all talk about...
Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank

From Poverty to $30-Million Deals: The Story of Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec

Past 10X Business Summit guest Robert Herjavec is known for his leading role in ABC's Shark Tank. But the road to get there was far from easy. Robert's journey began when he and his parents...
Shaq businesses

SHAQ the Entrepreneur: How Many Businesses Does the NBA Icon Own?

Many of you know his moves on the court. However, it is less common to know his entrepreneur side. Yet how many businesses does Shaq really own?  Although the answer is not so straightforward, it...
Sales Cold Calling Scripts and Tips

Cold Calling Tips and Scripts from the World’s #1 Sales Training Expert

So, you wanna know how to dominate cold calls like your Uncle G? Today, I’m revealing all my top cold calling tips and scripts so you can close more deals. Before I get into my...
Social Media Brand Guide

A Woman’s Guide to Building a Powerful Brand on Social Media

For us ladies, social media holds immeasurable value as a modern empire-building tool. Right now, there’s no better way to get your name out there. And in a moment, I’m going to share with...
10X Business Boot Camp

How Can You Grow Your Business at 10X LEVELS?

Learn all about the ultimate opportunity for transforming your business into a revenue-making machine...
Money Making Skills

10 Ideas for Money Making Skills You Already Have

I don’t care who you are, there is something you do better than anyone else. Whether you’re aware of it, you’ve got some solid money making skills in the works. And not to get...
Multifamily Commercial Real Estate

A-Z Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Glossary: The Ultimate Guide

If you want to dominate in multifamily commercial real estate, you need to speak the language. So, I gathered the most important terms you’ll come across and put them all in one place for...
Financial Literacy Books

Billionaire Shares REAL Financial Literacy Books to Read Now

Today, I’m grateful to be in a position to help people understand real-world financial literacy with my books, programs, and events. But it wasn’t always like this… My current net worth and portfolio of accomplishments...
Power Couple

What Is a Power Couple — and How Can You Be in One?

The idea of being a “power couple” sounds both impressive and glamorous. Famous relationships like Beyoncé & Jay-Z or Victoria & David Beckham immediately come to mind. Yet what does it take to achieve...
Multifamily Investing Checklist

Real Estate Mogul Shares #1 Multifamily Investing Checklist

After more than 30 years in the real estate game, I’m ready to share my go-to checklist for multifamily investing. If you want to improve your deal evaluation strategy, keep reading to find out...
Customer Loyalty and Retention

Surprising Secrets to Building Customer Loyalty and Retention

In the business world, you always hear people talking about customer loyalty and retention. But if you go beyond the buzzwords, what does it take to make new customers stick with you in the...

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John Travolta Airplanes

How Many AIRPLANES Does John Travolta Own?

In March, the "Grease" star earned his license to operate a 737 aircraft, transitioning from a private to commercial pilot. His passion for aviation has been well-documented with each addition to his personal fleet....
Tommy Hilfiger and Grant Cardone at 10X Growth Conference

$150 and a Dream: Tommy Hilfiger’s Unbelievable Come-up Story

Tommy Hilfiger, one of the most successful brands in the fashion industry, started with only $150 and the founder's big dreams. This is how it happened. In May of 2021, I actually bought designer Tommy...