Universal Music Group Artists

Universal Music Group Artists Get Boost From Spotify

In the middle of their dispute with TikTok, Universal Music Group partnered with Spotify to give their artists a better chance of promotion.  What exactly...
Messi Miami

Soccer Star Messi Doubles Miami Sport Revenue

Since his welcome to the Inter Miami team, Lionel Messi, widely considered one of the best soccer players in the world… Has more than doubled...
Blue Checkmark

Musk Randomly Gives X Users A Blue Checkmark

Last week, hundreds of X users woke up to find a shiny, new, blue checkmark next to their username… Despite not paying to be verified...
Food Delivery Fees

How Food Delivery Fees Wrecked Our Wallets

Apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash might’ve sold us on their convenience, but food delivery fees have made the entire process… More of a problem...
AI Subscriptions

Will Google Introduce AI Subscriptions?

After 25 years of their mainline product being free, Google is considering AI subscriptions for some of their recent features… What does this mean for...
Mcdonalds Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Coming To A Mcdonald’s Near You

McDonald’s is known for its incredibly recognizable menu: the quarterpounder with cheese, the Happy Meal, and now…  An iconic glazed donut? Now, a deal between McDonald’s...
food delivery drones

DoorDash Completes Your Food Delivery Via Drone

The future is often measured by how efficient the latest innovations make our lives. The latest version of this? Fast food delivery drones.  DoorDash is...
jon najarian

Pete And Jon Najarian Want You To Get Disciplined

On the last day of the 9th annual Growth Conference, investing brothers Pete and Jon Najarian want you to know that… Investments are some of...
rock band kiss

After Retirement, Rock Band Kiss Sells Music

After years of rocking and rolling all night, its curtain call for one of the most iconic bands in music history. But it’s not...

Americans Are Over Feeling Guilty About Tipping

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Why does it feel like I have to tip every single time I make any purchase?” Well, the...
John maxwell

John Maxwell Talks Mentorship

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a “Grant Cardone” figure when they’re on the come-up. At least that’s what John Maxwell said about...
Mike chandler

Mike Chandler Makes Himself Indespensible

On day two of the 10X Growth Conference, Professional Martial Artist, Mike Chandler sat down with Grant Cardone… To talk about his secret to success… And...
Elf Cosmetics

E.L.F. Cosmetics New Controversial Collab

E.L.F. Cosmetics built a successful brand with cruelty-free products, affordable pricing, and minimalistic packaging. However, the company known for sunny-sounding products like Halo Glow...
Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci: Overcoming Setbacks & Risk Management

On Apr 3, 2024, a former investment banker for Goldman Sachs, Anthony Scaramucci, joined Grant Cardone at the 10X Growth Conference. Mr. Scaramucci revealed...
Arnold schwarzenegger interview

Grant Cardone’s 10X Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview

Closing out the 9th annual 10X Growthcon, billionaire investor Grant Cardone sat down with bodybuilder, actor, investor, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for an exclusive...
Tim Grover

Tim Grover Wants You to “Bet on Yourself”

Tim Grover has coached some of the most renowned athletes of all time —  like Michael Jordan and Kobe Byrant. And during his keynote...
mike tyson

Mike Tyson One-On-One With Grant Cardone

Opening up day two of 10X Growthcon 2024, Grant Cardone got to chat with The Baddest Man On The Planet, Boxer Mike Tyson. Even...
Don Peebles

Connections and Real Estate with Don Peebles

We all know that Grant Cardone loves real estate. However, he brought someone to the 10X Growth Conference who is just as passionate about...
tyler perry studios

Tyler Perry On Running Studios And Businesses

Day one of the ninth annual Growthcon, as always, was a whirlwind of incredible speakers and phenomenal discussions. But the cherry on the cake...
Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson Opens 10X Growth Conference 2024

The 10X Growth Conference does not wait to pack a punch and this year is no different. Day One started strong with celebrity news...
Grant Cardone

Official Recap of Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference 2024

Business professionals from around the globe have gathered for the 10X Growth Conference 2024. Every year, Grant Cardone, invites celebrity entrepreneurs, trailblazers, and thought...

Why Old Gadgets Are Better Than New Tech

I have famously said, “You don’t have a spending problem. You have a revenue problem.” But until you earn enough to start being stupid...
online job boards

Why Online Job Boards List “Ghost Jobs”

Job openings may have bounced back from pandemic-era cuts, but remember, not all job openings are created equally. In recent years, online job boards...
Facebook Marketplace

Why You NEED to Be On Facebook Marketplace

Nowadays, there is only one place to be to have a chance in the secondhand game — Facebook Marketplace. Besides its 1 billion monthly...
Digital marketing funnel

Gen Z Rewrites The Digital Marketing Funnel

Just when we thought we had perfected the digital marketing funnel…  A new generation brings along new technology, new social platforms, and etiquette that changed...
space food

$500,000 To Eat… Space Food?

It seems that nowadays there’s no shortage of places to choose from when it comes to dining out. But if you really want an...
Vinyl records

The Latest Item Calculating Inflation? Vinyl Records

In this case, the old adage “history repeats itself” might be ringing true. Vinyl records, once considered obsolete, have now become popular enough to...
sleep tourism

How Sleep Tourism Could Wake Up The Hotel Industry

Conventional hotels have been at odds with Airbnb since the industry disruptors broke out onto the scene. Now, hotel chains are coming up with...
Adidas And Kanye

Adidas and Kanye Split Costs Brand BIG TIME

Although Adidas and Kanye West dissolved their partnership in 2022, it still negatively affects the brand’s bottom line. But, is it fair to blame...
airplane manufacturing

Boeing’s DANGEROUS Airplane Manufacturing Could Kill Industry

After a series of technical disasters followed by prompt investigations… Boeing’s CEO announced that he would be stepping down. With severe scrutiny over their...