Apple WWDC

Apple WWDC Changes iPhone Software FOR GOOD

Apple has had some slip-ups in recent memory but at this year’s World Wide Developers Conference, also known as Apple WWDC for short… They plan...
Oklahoma Tallest Building

Oklahoma Announces Plan For Nation’s Tallest Building

Move over New York City… The country’s tallest building will soon call Oklahoma its home. A new real estate initiative is bringing a giant...

Opening a Chick-fil-A is Cheaper Than You Think…

Believe it or not, Chick-fil-A restaurants are more profitable and less expensive to open than big-name competitors. And by the 40,000 applications to own...
Lululemon Stock

Lululemon Stock Just… Isn’t Working Out

The darlings of athleisure, Lululemon, have seen its stock explode over the past couple of years taking the business to total domination… Only for its...
American Millionaires

500,000 American Millionaires Made Last Year. Want In?

Last year, more American millionaires were made than anywhere else in the world. As a U.S. citizen, I am extremely proud of that. It...
Zombie Companies

3 Zombie Companies We Fear Won’t Survive…

Failure is an essential part of any business endeavor. After all, it’s how businesses learn. But when your failures outnumber your successes and nothing...
Diamond Industry

Diamond Industry’s Second-Largest Market in DANGER

The outlook for the diamond industry continues to dull as it is losing ground in its second-largest market — China. Besides the global economic...
Five Below

Five Below Loses BIG-TIME on… Plushies?

Last week, discount retailer, Five Below, reported their dismal performance this quarter to investors. And, how did the company account for it? Brand leadership says...
Shake Shack

Competition Beware… Shake Shack Coming For Drive-Thrus

Shake Shack has always defined itself in opposition to fast food restaurants… But now it looks like the company is taking a page from their...
Self-Employed Tips

Self-Employed? Read These Business Investment Tips

One of the hardest things to figure out when you’re working for yourself is what expenses to prioritize. It is easy for anyone to...

The Best Piece Of Advice When Pursuing Entrepreneurship

More and more every day I hear people, young people especially, that they want to pursue entrepreneurship. So many people dream of being their...
Subway Cookie

Subway Footlong Cookie Returns From Mysterious Disappearance

To the delight of our sweet tooth, the footlong Subway cookie is available again after an unexplained vanishing act. Although we are not ones...
Abercrombie Stock

Abercrombie Stock Soars First Time Since 90s… Rad.

Out of all the mall megabrands of the 90s, most wouldn’t have guessed this one to be a Wall Street banger. Nonetheless, Abercrombie &...
Costco Hot Dog

Costco Hot Dog FREE From Clutches Of Inflation

Frankfurter aficionados may now rejoice, Costco’s iconic hot dog combo will NOT be going up in price due to inflation. The beloved combo item...
Sam Altman Worth

Sam Altman Pledges Majority Of Worth To Charity

OpenAi’s Sam Altman achieved billionaire status recently, but is already giving most of his worth away! Altman and his partner, Oliver Mulherin, both pledged...
Dreamworks Land

Universal’s Expansion Has Layers – Check Out DreamWorks Land

In another addition to its expansion plans, Universal Orlando Resort is giving its existing real estate a makeover. One of the newest inclusions to...

Why Advertisers Want You Off Your Phone

Recently, several campaigns have come out where advertisers encourage consumers to get off their phones. Specifically, smartphones that have twenty-four-seven access to social media....
Toyota Certification

Reliable No More? Toyota Falsified Safety Certifications

At a Tokyo news conference Monday, the chairman of the Toyota Motor Corp. “deeply apologized” for tampering with safety certifications. An internal investigation revealed...
Cracker Barrel

Could A New Revamp SAVE Cracker Barrel?

America’s favorite old-fashioned eatery/country store is testing out new ways to prove to diners that it’s still kicking. Cracker Barrel is in the middle...
Bitcoin Prediction

New Bitcoin Prediction Could Change The Game FOREVER

The cryptocurrency that started it all has had an exciting year, to say the least. While the hype has calmed down, a new Bitcoin...
Dude Wipes

Shark Tank Success: Dude Wipes Flush The Competition

Dude Wipes, toilet paper industry disruptor, went from being laughed at in meetings… To advertising during the Superbowl.  The flushable wipe brand went from being operated...
Fast Food Wars

Fast Food Wars Rage On: Rivals Combatting McDonald’s

As long as the value of the dollar is droppin’, the fast food wars ain’t stoppin’. And all the major players are getting in...
Female Billionaire

How This Female Billionaire Took Company to New Heights

Diane Hendricks is not a celebrity in the traditional sense. Be that as it may, this female billionaire just topped Forbes’ Self-Made Women list...
Bark Air

Bark Air Gives Dogs First-Class Treatment

If you’ve ever taken a flight with your pets, you know how tedious and stressful the whole process can be. But thanks to a...
Buy Nothing

Up to This Finance Challenge? Buy Nothing.

For some time, “no buy” challenges have been featured all over social media. However, you have to do more than just buy nothing for...

Is The CosMc’s Hype Over?

At the end of 2023, McDonald’s CEO, Chris Kempczinski, surprised customers and shareholders alike by announcing a new restaurant chain. The spinoff brand, CosMc’s,...
College Attendance

New Survey Predicts Lower College Attendance

For many years, most people thought a degree was a must to get a good job or make a decent living. That led me...
Clif Bar

How Clif Bar Founders Make A Difference

Success is measured in an infinite number of ways. One of the biggest indicators of success, however, is the ability to give back to...
AI Fails

Could Google AI Fails Prove Elon Musk Wrong?

On May 23, Elon Musk made some gigantic claims at the VivaTech 2024 conference. The Tesla CEO put a lot of stock in artificial...

From Court To C-Suite: Meet Reebok President SHAQ

15-time N.B.A. All-Star, Shaquille O’Neal is known for standing apart from the crowd. He was a first-draft pick for the Orlando Magic, has an...