Transparent About Success

Why Are We So TRANSPARENT About Our Journey to Success?

Usually, the story goes that someone “makes it,” and then they hide away. Because of that, people wonder why Grant and I are so transparent about HOW we achieved success. In this article, I’ll...
Women's History Month Quotes

My Favorite Quotes for Women’s History Month

In the United States, March is dedicated to the contributions and achievements of women in different fields. With that in mind, I want to share five of my favorite quotes for Women’s History Month…  5...
MTV Rob Dyrdek

From MTV to Entrepreneur with Rob Dyrdek

 Most people recognize Rob Dyrdek as “that skateboarding guy from MTV.” But in recent years, the actor has proved to be a bonafide business mogul. When I interviewed him, he revealed the strategies that...
AI Revolution

Cathie Wood on the AI Revolution in 2023

On Day 1 of 10X Growth Con 2023, Grant Cardone sat down with finance LEGEND, Cathie Wood. And what did he ask the 40-year investment vet? GC wanted to know what she thought of...
Shark Tank Success

Does this ‘Shark Tank’ Star Prefer MONEY or SUCCESS?

On Day 2 of 10X Growth Con, I sat down with Robert Herjavec for an exclusive fireside discussion. But I had to know which the “Shark Tank” star thought was more important — success...
International Women's Day 2023

Recognizing Empire- Builders — International Women’s Day 2023

International Women’s Day 2023 will be celebrated on March 8th across the globe. It is a time to look at how much we’ve accomplished as women throughout history. As such, I wanted to recognize...
Sales Roleplay

My World-Class Guide to SALES ROLEPLAY — Drills, Scripts, and More

Previously, I have shared with you all my perfect sales cycle as well as my most profitable tips to be a great salesperson. But I have a confession to make… Those two things alone will...
Empire Building Strengths

My Top 5 Empire-Building Strengths

Creating an invincible legacy isn’t easy. Building a lasting empire takes unique strengths and a lot of courage. At first, it feels overwhelming or even impossible… But, you can make this dream a reality.  In this...
10X really means

What Does 10X Mean, REALLY?

Over the years, I have thrown the logo 10X on everything from hats to major events — but what does it REALLY mean? In this article, I am finally going to explain the massive...
Confident all the time

How Am I CONFIDENT All the Time?

From my career as an actress to speaking at 10X Growth Con, I am often asked how I’m confident all the time. For that reason, I am going to share the three things I...
Enough money

How Much Money Is ENOUGH?

Ever since I started making some real cash, people have been asking me, “Grant, how much money is ENOUGH?” Well, I gave it some thought and I finally think I came up with a...

TOM BRADY Closes 10X Growth Conference 2023

February 16 was the final day of 10X Growth Conference 2023, so we decided to finish the event strong with the G.O.A.T., Tom Brady...   When Grant Cardone declared that Tom Brady would be the last...
10X Growth Conference 2023 Live

WHAT YOU MISSED: A-List Guests LIVE at 10X Growth Conference 2023

From February 14-16, 2023, the 10X Growth Conference took place LIVE in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada... Over the three jam-packed event days, the GCTV team documented all the major moments, including: World-class lineup of speakers...
How to Stop Living in the Past

How to Stop Living in the Past

According to recent research, more and more people are feeling depressed. While the reasons for this vary from person to person, the people who have not yet learned how to stop living in the...
Stephen Smith 10X Growth Con

TV Icon STEPHEN SMITH on Owning Your Success at 10X Growth Con 2023

The second day of 10X Growth Con ended strong with a fireside conversation with famed broadcaster Stephen A. Smith. Despite his top ratings today, the television mainstay was not born with the confidence to...

The WINNER of The Great American Speak Off Is…

On the second day of the live 10X Growth Conference 2023, Grant Cardone informed the audience that he was going to announce the winner of the first-ever Great American Speak Off — and their...
Cathie Wood at 10X Growth Con 2023

Secrets from Spearheading $60+ BILLIONS in Assets: Cathie Wood at 10X Growth Con 2023

On the first day of 10X Growth Con 2023, Grant Cardone sat down with globally-renowned investor, Cathie Wood. For decades, she has dominated in a male-dominated industry while continuing to take risks and win....
Instagram Guide

Leaking My Multimillion-Follower INSTAGRAM Guide

My only regret as a business owner on social media is not utilizing it sooner. This is exactly why I want to lay out my entire Instagram guide for you today… You know as well...
Preparing for Slaughter

“We’re preparing for slaughter.”

Earlier this year, Grant speculated that the United States would enter a recession. With this in mind… my family and I are preparing for slaughter. Here is what we’re doing — and what you...
10X Growth Con 2023 Online

GO VIRTUAL: 5 Reasons to Attend 10X Growth Con 2023 Online

Check out five of the countless advantages of snagging your online ticket to 10X Growth Con 2023.  5 Reasons to Attend 10X Growth Con ONLINE in 2023 1. Focus on the Experience, Not the Hassle of...
Grant Cardone Health Age 64

How I Saved My Health at Age 64

Currently, I’m age 64 and I’m in the best shape of my life after saving my health. I can run around with my kids…  Constantly travel to meet clients…  And operate my businesses without getting burned out…  Which...
Perfect Partner

The #1 Method to Find the Perfect Partner for Your Empire

Looking for “The One” is a quest as old as time. As a romantic at heart, I believe that there is a perfect partner for everyone. I certainly feel I have that with my...
Master P

LION MENTALITY: Success Secret from Master P

During my Power Players series, I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the OGs of the hip-hop game… Percy Miller aka Master P. However, I was more interested in how he...
Love Grant Cardone

How We Made #10XRich #1 Trending on Twitter

My friends, we broke the internet and made #10XRich the #1 trending hashtag on Twitter — in minutes. Granted, I am constantly overwhelmed by the power of the 10X nation. But this time, you...
Super Bowl 2023 Grant Cardone

Super Bowl 2023… Or Success?

The 2023 Super Bowl features two of the most athletic juggernauts in the league — the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. But whichever team wins won’t matter at the end of the...