Messi Miami

Since his welcome to the Inter Miami team, Lionel Messi, widely considered one of the best soccer players in the world…

Has more than doubled the Major League Soccer team’s revenue. 

But how long can this success last? 

Messi In Miami: A Match Made In Soccer Heaven 

Lionel Messi went from winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar to filling stadiums in Miami…

But it took him a while to get here. 

In the original offer for the Saudi Pro League, Messi could’ve earned a reported $400 million a year. Instead, at Inter Miami, Messi earns at least $50 million…

But he is also given the opportunity for ownership in the club which would not require a buy-in. 

However, Messi is on the South Florida team thanks to Jorge Mas, a billionaire with an 80% stake in the team. To get the star playing for Inter Miami, Mas met with Jorge Messi, Lionel’s father and agent….

After months of meeting across the world, Mas’s efforts were rewarded with the announcement that the player would be headed to the 305. 

Since his arrival, Messi has become the breadwinner of the team…


With Messi in attendance, Inter Miami quickly rose to becoming to second most valuable MLS team. 

Yet, not everything is coming up roses

Messi is getting older and the team needs to be able to keep going after he steps down. 

The Team’s Future

Messi’s contract with Inter Miami lasts until 2025 and can be extended until 2026.

By then, anticipation for the 2026 FIFA World Cup might throw a wrench in any plans. 

As for the team itself, they’ve inked new multiyear sponsorship deals such as JPMorgan Chase, Duracell, and The Royal Caribbean. 

As long as no imminent controversies get in the way (like they did in the case of X and the NFL)…

This team has got what it takes to survive when Messi steps off the field for the last time. 

Be Great, 

GCTV Staff

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