Young Hustlers

Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt bring you the tools you need to succeed in the 21st Century. Plenty of you want true freedom, prefer entrepreneurship to 9-to-5 and are hungry for a mentor who gives you the raw and real deal. Grant doesn’t care what your age is, he knows you’re a Young Hustler.Every Thursday at 12 PM Grant and Jarrod bring you sales, business and success tips and insights to succeed in any economic climat

You don't need to think big you just need to work a little harder and that's the problem most of you work a little harder and you never get anything. You're the reason when you go from twenty to twenty one or two thousand and three thousand, the change is not big enough to support you continuing to work harder. I go from two grand to four grand from twenty to forty grand and I'm like “whoa yeah” that was a big shift when you get that kind of shift, you have a big push, what happens is you become committed and interested.
- Grant Cardone Episode: How to Double Your Sales in 60 Days
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