Universal Music Group Artists

In the middle of their dispute with TikTok, Universal Music Group partnered with Spotify to give their artists a better chance of promotion. 

What exactly does this new deal cover? 

Spotify Gives Universal Music Group Artists New Tools

After their mass exodus from TikTok, Universal Music Group needed new ways to promote music by artists signed with the label…

And Spotify stepped up.  

In this new partnership, UMG and Spotify agreed to broaden the services that their artists get access to…


One of these features lets artists signed with UMG to share teasers of songs before they’ve been released.

At the moment, the two music giants are brainstorming new features. 

The main areas of contention between UMG and TikTok are mostly due to two factors:

  • Fair payment of musicians 
  • AI protections in music

UMG accused TikTok of refusing to pay their artists their fair share and not doing enough to combat rising AI in music…

TikTok claims UMG is putting their own interests over their artists. 

Until the disputes settle, one thing is certain. 

Business never takes a day off and when one short-form video door closes, the biggest music-streaming app door opens. 

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GCTV Staff

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