Mcdonalds Krispy Kreme

McDonald’s is known for its incredibly recognizable menu: the quarterpounder with cheese, the Happy Meal, and now… 

An iconic glazed donut?

Now, a deal between McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme means you can get a classic glazed with your McCafe coffee in the morning. 

But is this new partnership as tasty as it sounds? 

Mcdonald’s and Krispy Kreme Partnership

After testing this new dynamic between brands in Kentucky, Krispy Kreme donuts will be rolling out in McDonald’s locations across the country.

Shares for Krispy Kreme jumped by 39% when the news of the partnership was announced.

This collaboration will mean you’ll be able to get three iconic flavors of donuts alongside your 20-piece chicken nuggets. The flavors consist of:

  • Original Glazed
  • Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles
  • Chocolate Iced and “kreme” filled

Consumers are excited by the new partnership…

But, this one comes at a rough time for Mickey D’s. 

As of late, McDonald’s has been facing heat from fans and economists alike. The backlash comes down to skyrocketing menu prices that have neglected lower-income customers…

Basically, the people that made McDonald’s as successful as it is today. 

Also, getting these Krispy Kreme donuts to more rural McDonald’s locations is a new challenge. 

A Win For The Donut Makers

For the Krispy Kreme, selling in McDonald’s drive thrus is an incredible opportunity for expansion. In fact, this partnership will more than double their points of access. 

While everything might be coming up roses for Krispy Kreme…

McDonald’s might need to pull a bit more of their own weight to make the deal work for them.

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