In the past few weeks, Bitcoin has risen from the ashes, breaking new records along the way. Now, a rare halving event is sparking renewed interest in the next Bitcoin cycle. 

What does this mean for the future of the cryptocurrency?

What To Expect From The Next Bitcoin Halving 

Since climbing to new records, Bitcoin faces a new phenomenon: the next halving event. 

Every four years, bitcoin undergoes this transformation… and this year’s is different from the ones that came before it. 

What makes the next bitcoin halving event unique is that bitcoin has already surpassed the last cycle’s high…

Which usually happens AFTER the halving, not BEFORE it…


The purpose of this event is simple: keep Bitcoin as a limited resource. Keeping scarcity up keeps Bitcoin’s value up. 

Bitcoin miners are responsible for creating new supplies of the cryptocurrency to keep up with demand. Miners are incentivized to keep their machines running thanks to mining rewards: newly created bitcoin. 

As of this writing, the mining reward is 6.25 new bitcoin

But during the next bitcoin halving event, that number gets slashed to 3.125 new bitcoin. Every halving slashes miners’ rewards – you guessed it, in half. 

This means it is now twice as costly and time-consuming to create the same amount of bitcoin. This is what creates the scarcity that creates the cryptocurrency value.

But how does this affect Bitcoin’s returns? 

What To Expect From Future Returns

Much to the dismay of investors, a return on the next bitcoin halving won’t happen on the day of. 

Instead, the returns will happen when the market adjusts– which usually takes months. 

But as for the price tag on the returns… its hard to say.

Each time bitcoin supply diminishes, so does the return. Usually, because the value of bitcoin goes up after the halving, the next return, even if it’s a smaller multiplier


Yet, some experts are skeptical and believe that the era of giant bitcoin returns has already come and gone. 

The next bitcoin halving will occur sometime between April 18th and 21st.

So until the day comes… we can only predict what the future of bitcoin’s valuation will look like.

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