You’re Broke Cuz You Don’t Make Enough

With three teenagers and residual debt from a lost job, Michele and her husband just can’t seem to get ahead. Turns out, they’re not big spenders, so cutting expenses won’t do that much. What Michele and her husband need is to make more money outside of their 9 – 5 jobs. They must be willing to do whatever it takes to earn more income, so they can get out of the hole and build their financial future. Find out what Michele needs to focus on in her side business, so she can help herself and her family break through. Network With Us: • Subscribe to Whatever It Takes NetworkTwitter – @RobynHCrane Listen To Us On Podcast: • iTunesStitcher
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CEO of Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Capital, international speaker, entrepreneur, and author of The 10X Rule & creator of 21 bestselling business programs, Grant Cardone owns & operates seven privately held companies and a $5.2 billion portfolio of multifamily properties. Named the #1 marketer by Forbes Magazine, Cardone is also the founder of The 10X Movement & The 10X Growth Conference, the world’s largest business & entrepreneur conference.


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