Google Hybrid Work

Since 2020, running a remote business has been possible through incredible advances in technology. Now, Google is cutting back on hybrid work for their employees alongside other industry leaders like Apple and Meta. Here is what’s going on with this massive shift… 

Earlier this month, an internal memo from Google was leaked to several news outlets regarding the company’s new outlook. However, the tech giant has been encouraging employees to return in person since April 2022. 

An initiative that coincided with Google making a nearly $10 billion investment in new office spaces across the country, by the way. 

Yet now, insufficient office time will have consequences…  

Connect with Coworkers — Or Else! 

Google claims its stance on hybrid work is about building stronger company culture. Their chief people officer, Fiona Cicconi, wrote in the aforementioned memo…

“We’ve heard from Googlers that those who spend at least three days a week in the office feel more connected to other Googlers, and that this effect is magnified when teammates work from the same location. Of course, not everyone believes in ‘magical hallway conversations,’ but there’s no question that working together in the same room makes a positive difference.” 

Up to this point, the corporation was lenient with hybrid Googlers on the three days on-site policies. From here on, these “absences” will have an effect on performance reviews and possible advancement. 

So does this mean that this model is no longer an option if you want to work for Google?

Official Word from Google on Hybrid Work Moving Forward

Fiona Cicconi wrote remote position requests would be considered “by exceptions only.” 

In short, Google wants more employees to utilize their new campuses but is not cutting out hybrid work altogether. Only time will tell the impact of this new policy, but one thing is certain… 

Even tech companies believe some things can only be done IRL. 

— GCTV Staff

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