There is no denying the Big D-O-Double G is a legend of hip hop. The rapper has sold over 37 million records worldwide. More importantly, he was an integral part of establishing the West Coast rap scene. But do you know Snoop Dogg, the business mogul? These are the ventures that earned him a net worth of reportedly $150 million… 

At 51 years old, the past 10X Growth Conference performer is as active as ever in the music industry. 

First off, earlier this year, Snoop Dogg acquired Death Row Records, which is an incredible feat in and of itself. Additionally, as of 2021, he has taken on an executive role at Def Jam Records as both an artist mentor and investor. 

“[My role] is to help the artists and give them love and wisdom and guidance and understanding, teach them some tricks that I learned in the game — to diversify their portfolios to be superstars,” the music mogul described in a UMG (Universal Music Group) press release

Unfortunately, as time has told us, brilliant artistry doesn’t always translate to money in the bank. That’s why the Big Dogg has made it a priority to become a businessman…

The Doggfather’s Investment Game is STRONG

The real key to Snoop Dogg’s success as a business mogul is his wise investment choices. 

In 2014, he made one of his most notable contributions to the forum-style website, Reddit.  

For this venture, he joined actor Jared Leto and entrepreneur David Thiel to invest a total of $50 million…

Seeing as the current value of Reddit is $10 BILLION, the Doggfather seems to have made the right call. 

Mr. Gin and Juice isn’t afraid to put his money behind his own fame either. He has opened his own legitimate cannabis brand as well as a cookbook of “dank” recipes to support it.

Snoop Dogg’s Future in Business

Most recently, Snoop filed paperwork to trademark “Snoop Doggs” for a possible all-natural hot dog company. This was following a viral appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live where the rapper publicly forsook the food after seeing how it’s made. 

While this particular company hasn’t been brought to market yet, Snoop Dogg isn’t just lying back as he gets longer in tooth. He shows that to stay young, you gotta keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind. 

And that ain’t nothing but a 10X thang.

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Featured image source: Snoop Dogg / Twitter

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