Ray Lucia & Grant Cardone Power Players

Today on Power Players Grant Cardone speaks with nationally syndicated radio show founder and host Ray Lucia of The Ray Lucia Show fame. He has also been featured nationally on television shows and networks such as NBC’s The Today Show, FOX News Channel, FOX Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV. They discuss Ray’s origins having a father in the Navy and not much money growing up. At the age of 23, he found himself as a quarterback coach making $8k/year, and with the reality of having a wife and multiple children he knew it would not be enough in the long run. He got into Life Insurance at the age of 24 and began his life of financial awareness. Now at the age of 64 he is retired, and has passed his company on to his son, which manages roughly 2.5 million dollars. Takeaway: 1. Increase your income 2. Apartments are a great investment 3. Positive Leverage, don’t be scared of debt if it makes you money


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