January Divorce Month Illustration

I saw an interesting article this morning.  It said that many legal professionals call January “Divorce Month”.  

Sadly, this label is rooted in reality.

You’ll often hear lawyers say that rising stress levels in the holidays trigger a flood of New Year divorce proceedings.

If you look at the stats, you’ll see divorce filings jump by 30% during Christmas and New Year, in December and January. 

My heart breaks when I hear relationship stats like that. 

I adore the festive season.  Spending time with my family brings me enormous amounts of joy.

But despite the fun and laughter…

And despite the fact I feel closer than ever to my husband and kids…

I still have moments when the holiday season feels like a pressure cooker. 

Nowadays, these pressure cooker moments pass me by quickly.  But it wasn’t always easy for me to keep things light throughout the holidays.

I did it though.  Because if there’s one thing I know…

It’s that greatness comes from focusing on the positives.  To be clear, I’m not saying you must be the light and soul of the party all the time.

You must set aside time to be alone and recharge your batteries.  

But there are times when you must switch on your best smile… even when times get hard. 

Like everyone, I have days when I’m facing challenges.  

But I know my role – as Queen of my empire and Grant Cardone’s wife – is to take ownership of my outward appearance. 

It’s why I make a point of showing up for Grant and my community with a smile on my face. 

No matter what. 

Most “normal” people don’t want to hear this:

The world doesn’t revolve around us and our feelings. 

Sure, the holidays can weigh us down… 

But imagine the impact you could make in your relationship, your family, and your community if you put your attention on others. 

I’m not talking about people-pleasing, by the way. 

I’m talking about aligning your holiday season with your goals and your purpose.  

So, here’s what I want you to do.   

First, think about how you can use this time of year to accelerate your mission. 

Ask yourself: what can you do over the next 7 days to hit your goals as a couple? 

Then, I want you to list 5 ways you can incorporate your goals into fun activities for you and your family.

Not sure what to include in your list?  I dive deep into the idea of intermingling business with pleasure inside my Build an Empire Course

Don’t be like “normal” people at this time of year. 

Get access to Build an Empire here – and start laying the foundations for an extraordinary 2023. 

Build an empire, 

Elena Cardone

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