Whenever I am around a group of people — in public or in private — the conversation always comes around to the same topic… 

“How do I build the type of relationship you and Grant have?” 

In short, we make sure to add value to each other’s lives and our relationship…

But I’m here to give you the practical steps to create relationships that empires are made of. 

This is my recipe for that secret sauce to great partnerships — value. 

Seeing Things Differently Is a Good Thing

When you are focused on work or some other pursuit, it is easy to get tunnel vision and then frustration. 

Providing perspective as an outsider is an opportunity to add value to your partner.

A powerful example of this was when I was writing my book… 

At a certain point, I hit a massive wall of writer’s block and felt I couldn’t finish it. Grant stepped in, looked at the manuscript, and made a few helpful tweaks. 

Suddenly, I was refreshed from the separate set of eyes’ input and was able to finish “Build an Empire: How to Have it All.” 

This is just the first, simplest way you can add value to your relationships. The next one may be tougher for some of you…

Discard ALL Drama 

Equally important to what you do to add value to your relationships is what you don’t do. In this case, negativity, bad news, and drama are kept away from your partner. 

How much easier would your life be without extra problems on your plate? 

The same is true for your partner. For that reason, resist the temptation to dump your baggage on them. Doing so will allow both of you to better utilize this next tip as well… 

Alignment = Value in Relationships

As a couple, it is important to know your roles so you may play to your strengths. However, these separate roles often result in time away from each other. 

Coordinating alignment between your schedules to sneak in quality time adds immense value.  

Consider inviting a client to a birthday dinner or booking a couple’s activity within a business trip. Accommodations like this mean you build a strong relationship and empire all at once. 

On the other hand, the best plans can change at a moment’s notice, which brings us to our next topic…


When you and your partner take on massive commitments, you have to make sacrifices and pivot quickly. Therefore, you can’t be so rigid when it comes to traditional relationship ideals. 

In my case, this translates into understanding that Grant may have to miss an anniversary celebration or cancel an anticipated trip for a speaking event. 

My flexibility on these matters has added incredible value to my marriage.

My husband is free to get his work done and we have fewer fights.


Nonetheless, there is one last ingredient to all this that adds value more than anything else. 

Laughter and Fun

The number one way to add value to your relationship is to make one another laugh and have fun! 

After all, what is the point of a joyless partnership? 

Taking a step back and getting in the spirit of play makes all the hard work worthwhile. Cracking a joke may be the highlight of your partner’s day. Also, you’ll feel good knowing you made them feel good. 

All in all, that is my recipe for adding value to relationships. Not all of these steps are easy, but nothing worthwhile is. I have an entire module in my Build an Empire Course on powerful partnerships because of the topic’s importance. 

Take the time to add value with those who are important to you and… 

Build an Empire,

Elena Cardone  

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