When I think of women who embody what it means to be a 10X Lady, Beyonce Knowles definitely comes to mind. After all, she has staying power in the cutthroat music biz. And that deserves respect. Still, what I learned from watching Queen Bey is her genius marketing advice… 

Top 3 Pieces of Marketing Advice to Take from Beyonce

So, I’ve never met Beyonce face-to-face for her to give me marketing advice

But you don’t need to know someone personally for them to be a strong woman business mentor. You just need to make sure they have the stats to be worth being your role model. 


She has 89.75 million album sales to date…

Her recent single, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Chart… 

On top of that, she is worth over $800 million according to Forbes

For that reason, I believe that Beyonce is someone I should pay attention to and emulate. And, I’ve noticed a couple of patterns… 

Build from Successful Actions

The chart-topping songstress has come a long way from her days in Destiny’s Child. 


However, there is some good marketing advice we can take from that career move. 

At that time — and to this day — she reinforced the things fans liked about her former image in her new brand. 

Namely, two key elements:

  1. Using riffs and runs in her singing.
  2. Iconic choreography in her music videos. 

This meant that Beyonce was able to hold onto her core fanbase. But equally important was her gaining new ones… 

It is no secret that Queen Bey has remained on trend with her music. However, this is an article on marketing advice. So, we are going to examine how she incorporates those practices into her continued expansion. 

Like anyone else, the “Single Ladies,” singer is not immune to what her peers are up to… 

Case and point: when Beyonce released her concert documentary right after Taylor Swift’s made $250 million globally. 

As such, she was able to keep making money from her profitable Renaissance Tour. From both people who couldn’t go or just wanted to relive the experience. 

But what about the people who are not your biggest fans? Greats like Beyonce know how to make them work for her too. 

Don’t Fear Haters or Controversy — Use Them!

As I mentioned earlier, the diva’s latest single hit #1 on the country charts…

But before that, there were country music purists who weren’t so welcoming of an R&B musician on their turf.

 In fact, some country stations, like KYKC in Oklahoma, refused to play “Texas Hold ‘Em.”

Despite the criticism and backlash, the single has gone double-platinum — and the album isn’t even out yet! 

In contrast, the haters resulted in powerful voices in country music coming to her defense. Then, becoming the strongest marketing move of all… 

Some Final Celebrity-Certified Marketing Advice

There is a piece of marketing advice that is considered king — or, queen in this case. One which Beyonce has been using since the start of her career…


And because of the nay-sayers to Beyonce’s foray into a new genre, she gained support from a country music legend… 

Dolly Parton.

Not only that, the former Destiny Child will have one of Parton’s most popular songs on her upcoming album. 

This shows that truly successful people know there is enough success for everyone and the importance of working together. 

Collaborate and build an empire.

— Elena Cardone

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