Wedding Traditions

Despite my tough chick persona, I do love… well, love! I want to make relationships cool again. So, I was intrigued when I read the next generations were getting married in larger numbers. But, they are bringing new wedding traditions to the scene. These are the interesting stats I discovered… 

What Wedding Traditions will Millennials and Gen Z Nixing?

First, I am ecstatic that so many young people have found their perfect partner and are getting married. I want everyone to have the type of relationship Grant and I have. 


Some customs, — like using lab-grown diamonds as engagement rings — are expected signs of the times. At the same time, other changing trends are not what you’d expect.  

This is what The Knot’s Annual Real Wedding Study revealed about these traditions after surveying 9,000 couples. 

For example, if you are worried about having to wear an ugly bridesmaid dress, listen to this… 

Matching wedding party attire is down 20% from 2018. 

Additionally, Millennials and Gen Z are less likely to get married in a church. Having the ceremony in a religious venue is down 5% from  2018 as well. 

Still, don’t feel odd if old-school wedding traditions are more your style. Some of them are seeing a surge in popularity… 

Which Classics Are Making a Comeback? 

One of the most important wedding traditions couples have is their first dance. 

For the past several years, the Ed Sheeran ballad, “Perfect,” has held the number-one spot for the first dance song… 


However, the Elvis classic, “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” overtook it among couples. A status that makes sense considering the two major movies released about the King of Rock and Roll’s life. 

From this, we can see that couples want their ceremonies to have modern twists but not be too trendy. 

But, can you really have it both ways? 

Classic Wedding Traditions — Take ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?  

As far as my opinion on how young couples incorporate classical wedding traditions or not into their special day… 


One of the hardest lessons I had to learn early in Grant and my relationship was to stop the most toxic gamecomparison. 

That is even more true on your wedding day. As long as they are happy and ethical, I wish you all the best. Who wants to be normal anyway? 

Find the one you trust and build an empire. 

— Elena Cardone  

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