It’s something we all do at one point or another, but this toxic game won’t get you anywhere.

Don’t feel bad. I have been guilty of playing it myself.

However, after I stopped engaging in this detrimental mental game, I was free to succeed on my own terms.

Nothing is what it seems 

So, what is the most toxic game in the world?


First of all, this game is a very small-minded one to play. Nevertheless, so many of us get caught up in it. 

This game’s toxicity is grounded in two factors. One is that nothing is ever what it seems. These “perfect” people and situations you’re comparing yourself to are only what they show the world publicly. 

When I got caught up in this myself, I compared my relationship with Grant with another couple who I thought had the ideal marriage. Guess what? To my shock, that marriage ended in a nasty divorce.

I was glorifying a marriage that was “perfect” because of my pre-conceived notions and false appearances. You need to evaluate what really makes your life fulfilling based on what is true for you. 

That is the way to feel like you’re winning in life.

It’s okay to be messy, but not toxic like in this game

Comparing yourself to others is the most toxic game in the world because it invalidates the uniqueness that makes you great.

People aren’t doing what you’re doing. Of course, their life isn’t going to look the same. 

To stop doing this, you need to drop the illusion of what you think a good life should be. Then, you need to paint your own picture of what makes a successful life to you. 

When I had this realization, something clicked.

Personally, I like lots of action. Painting the picture of my perfect life would be messy. I would be getting the paint and ink all over the place. 

And if you’re ready to paint yours, join my Build an Empire — Design Your Life Mastermind.

Elena Cardone  

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