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Last week, I received an exciting email from my team.  It said:

“We just sold out of Executive seats for 10X Growth Conference 2023.”  

I’m not here to sell out our last-remaining VIP tickets (though I know you’ll get immense value from the event).

I’m coming to you because this proves what I always say about choosing advice wisely

People told us we couldn’t make this happen.  The media warned that 2023 event sales would plummet.

If we’d paid attention to headlines like these, we might have thrown in the towel on 10X Growth Conference:

But we forged on with our mission, like we always do.  And the outcome speaks for itself.

Like I said, we just sold out of Executive seats for 10X Growth Conference.  

Plus, we’re on track to sell out all remaining tickets in the next couple of days.

Remember, we’re still months ahead of the event.  Right now, our attendees are knee-deep in holiday preparations.  

But they committed anyway. 

We’re selling tickets for thousands of dollars apiece.  During the 2008 recession, event sales plunged over 15%.

Our tickets keep flying off the shelves despite the current downturn. 

And we made this happen… without announcing a single speaker!   

The question is… How do Grant and I do it?  How do we press ahead when most people say we’ll fail?

It’s because we choose advice wisely.  

Grant and I seek advice from 3 sources.  We don’t go to friends.  We don’t go to relatives.  And we don’t read the newspapers. 

Here’s who I turn to for guidance:

  • Me – Over the years, I’ve built an extensive network.  But I never assume others know what’s best for me… or that they have my best interests at heart.

It’s why I got out of the habit of collecting everyone’s advice.  Nowadays, I trust MY experience and intuition.

When I pay attention to myself, I almost always know the right thing to do. 

And you do too.  So seek your own counsel first!   

  • Grant – Grant and I are a team.  No one dedicates themselves to our mission like Grant and I do.

When I get stuck, I go to Grant.  I don’t always like what Grant tells me… but I listen anyway.           

  • Trusted experts – There’s only one situation when you should seek outside counsel.  It’s when you and your partner have exhausted every avenue. 

But you must be smart about it.  Don’t ask everyone’s opinion.

Instead, find a guide you can really trust.  

This is someone who brings no ulterior motives to the table.  It’s someone neutral.  And it’s someone with verifiable results in your problem area.

You may have to pay a lot of money for expert advice.  But tell me what’s worse:

Paying for sound advice?  Or paying to correct bad advice? 

When it comes to building an empire, you may feel you’ve exhausted all avenues with your partner.

If that’s the case, now is the time to seek outside counsel from a trusted expert.

If you’re stuck, I’m here for you.

I think you’ll agree I have a proven track record in making great things happen with my husband. 

And my only “ulterior motive” is for everyone on the planet to become financially free.

The good news is, you won’t pay through the nose for my advice. 

I’m giving away everything I know about building an empire – for just $270.  You’ll find it inside Build an Empire University.  

And you can get access here at a HUGE discount.

Build your empire,

Elena Cardone

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