Rushing to find last-minute Christmas presents for your friends, family, and business colleagues? GCTV has you covered with the ultimate 10X gift guide this holiday season…

‘Tis the season to 10X!

From merch to books, courses, and life-changing experiences, you can still order the best gifts in time for Christmas.


Without further ado, check out the selection of motivational, practical, and top-quality gifts curated by the 10X Team.

Top 10X Gifts for Christmas 2022

💼 Massive Action at the Office — 10X Presents for Coworkers

No matter if your company is doing Secret Santa or you simply want to show your appreciation to colleagues, 10X merch is the way to go.

If your work best friend is a note-taker, a 10X Planner Pack should be on your radar. On the other hand, your company’s coffee aficionado will love a 10X Mug for energy throughout the day.

In any case, you can’t go wrong with gifting Grant Cardone’s bestselling book, “Sell or Be Sold.” Regardless of department, every team member at your office needs to know how to sell. This book will help your coworkers dominate in business.

✈️ Dominate Anywhere and Everywhere — 10X Gear for Travelers

Have a loved one who doubles as a frequent flyer? 10X luggage can handle any business trips or vacations they may have in plan for 2023.

For traveling anywhere in the world, we recommend the 10X Suitcase, which you can customize with the recipient’s name.

To maximize comfort and utility, opt for the spacious and water-resistant 10X Duffel.

Whether packing light or hiking through the mountains, the 10X Backpack is a reliable and versatile choice.

👑 Who Run the World? — 10X Gifts for Ladies

The 10X Ladies in your life deserve to have it all for the holidays.

Courtesy of Elena Cardone, you can treat fashionistas to a 10X Ladies Tank Top or a flowy Empire Dress.

However, the greatest gift of all for powerful women is Build an Empire University. For a limited time, you can access Elena’s top-rated course for only $270 for building, defending, and expanding an extraordinary empire.

🏆 Work Hard, Play Hard, Hustle Harder — 10X Merch for Athletes

For 10X’ers who lead an active lifestyle, sporting goods are easily the best 10X gifts.

Baseball players and fans alike will definitely dig the highly-detailed 10X Jersey. If your friends, family, and associates prefer the golf course instead, the custom name 10X Golf Bag will be up to par.

But to have the motivation to stay committed both on and off the field, the coveted 10X Hat is a fan favorite to keep on your shortlist.

🤝 Taking Care of Business — 10X Gifts for Associates, Entrepreneurs, and Partners

Both aspiring and established business owners will appreciate tasteful accessories to complete their suits and ties.

First up, gold-plated 10X Cufflinks are the perfect companion for closing deal after deal. Next, the 10X Silk Scarf will be the ultimate conversation starter at business dinners and networking events.

But we’re saving the best for last…

The Forbes-rated #1 Marketing Conference is right around the corner.

And what better way to empower the business professionals in your life than with a VIP seat @ 10X Growth Conference 2023?

For the holiday season, we’re gifting 10X’ers with massive discounts — 1 VIP Ticket for $2,000 (retail: $9,997) and 2 VIP Tickets for ONLY $3,500 (retail: $19,994!)

So, grab your business partner and experience the world-class business, sales, and marketing conference together in Las Vegas, Nevada!

🎄 Until then, on behalf of the entire 10X Team — Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🎄

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