Social Media Safety

It seems that more and more teenagers are spending their days on social media, whether it’s on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube. As parents, we need to be teaching our kids realistic social media safety.

Whether we like it or not, our kids are going to be using social media anyway. Might as well make sure they’re prepared

Setting Limits To Make Responsible Social Media Users.

Frankly, most parents have no clue how to navigate or regulate social media use for their kids…

That’s why most teenagers spend over 4 hours a day on social media!


I will admit, it’s a tough dynamic to work with. You want to trust your kids and give them room to figure things out themselves…

But on the other hand, you can’t let your kids do whatever they want without any guidance

It can be tough, even I don’t get it perfect all the time.

But I’ve been able to find something that works for both my girls, Scarlett and Sabrina, and myself. 

The first thing I tell my daughters about social media is to avoid using these apps when they’re bored. Social media has a purpose. They need to learn how to use it intentionally. 

When teenagers get too used to using their social accounts…

It destroys their focus and can have adverse effects on their physical behaviors. 

I know the importance of saving your health, especially since you need your body to get things done. 

Social media safety isn’t just about how your teens spend their time online…


Talk To Your Kids About Social Media Safety

If you can’t have important and difficult conversations with your kids

They’re going to find answers someplace else. 

You can’t avoid the harder conversations just because it’s more comfortable for you. As parents, we need to be the ones leading and setting the example for our kids to learn from.

If we hide from challenge…

What is that teaching them?

Before you sit down and talk about social media safety with your teens, one thing you must remember is that kids are smart. 


As you get ready to talk to them, you need to avoid ambushing them with one long lecture. Who is that ACTUALLY helping?

Besides, if your kids know they can trust you, they’ll come to you with questions. You need to remember to let them lead the conversation…

Answer their questions…

Ask for their opinions…

But most importantly, you need to actually listen to what they’re saying instead of letting your worries get in the way.

Take Your Kids Seriously, And They’ll Take You Seriously

More than that, when talking about social media safety… 

Avoid jumping into the conversation by talking about worst-case scenarios

Again, kids are smart and they’ll know when you’re inflating things…

And they’ll take you less seriously. 

Have a realistic, smart conversation with your kids. Social media safety is important, but you shouldn’t dictate the choices without listening to your children.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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