Grant Cardone Health Age 64

Currently, I’m age 64 and I’m in the best shape of my life after saving my health.

I can run around with my kids… 

Constantly travel to meet clients… 

And operate my businesses without getting burned out… 

Which I understand is not common for a man my age

What It Takes to Be in Great Health at Age 64

For as long as I’ve been working towards success, I’ve followed daily health and workout routines to stay fit. 

Your body is how you get things done, so I want mine forking at full capacity


I was committed to working out and eating well, but I was still finding things wrong

My knees, ankles, and feet were starting to hurt — especially in the morning…

Also, I was tired all the time no matter how many hours of sleep I got… 

Most people would chalk that up to aging, but I was not willing to accept that. After all, I still have work to do and targets to hit

For that reason, I took a shot with a friend of a friend who said he could help me out… 

The Revolutionary Way I Saved My Health

When I was having these bodily aches and pains, an associate of mine introduced me to a man named Gary Brecka. He was the head of a company called Streamline and said he could figure out how to solve my issues from a couple of tests. 

I was skeptical, but I decided to go forward with it

Gary did a genetic test where he swabbed my cheek with a cotton swab, as well as a blood test. 


It turns out I had a common genetic mutation that made me intolerant to certain foods, so eating them would make me sluggish and tired. 

Additionally, I was deficient in key vitamins which resulted in my body being more acidic and causing my muscles to ache. 

From these results, I was able to get back to 100% with diet and supplementation of vitamins. 

Now, I Feel Better Than I Did in My 30s

My transformation impressed me so much that I partnered with Gary. We founded 10X Health so everyone else can have access to this technology. 

Despite the initial mystery, saving my health wasn’t difficult once I had the right data on board.

My goal is that this comprehensive approach to health and wellness becomes more common to turn around the health crisis in this country

Be well so you can be great,

Grant Cardone  

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Star of Discovery Channel’s “Undercover Billionaire,” Grant Cardone owns and operates seven privately held companies and a private equity real estate firm, Cardone Capital, with a multifamily portfolio of assets under management valued at over $4 billion. He is the Top Crowdfunder in the world, raising over $900 million in equity via social media. Known internationally as the leading expert on sales, marketing, and scaling businesses, Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author of 11 business books, including “The 10X Rule,” which led to Cardone establishing the 10X Global Movement and the 10X Growth Conference, now the largest business and entrepreneur conference in the world. The online business and sales educational platform he created, Cardone University, serves over 411,000 individuals and Forbes 100 corporate clients throughout the world. Voted the top Marketing Influencer to watch by Forbes, Cardone uses his massive 15 million plus following to give back via his Grant Cardone Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring underserved, at-risk adolescents in financial literacy, especially those without father figures.