Risk, Your Biggest Opportunity – Young Hustlers Sneak Preview

For the first time ever Jarrod Glandt is hosting Young Hustlers solo! That’s right, he’s taking the reins and addressing the topic of risk—and how it’s your biggest opportunity! Getting your piece of the ‘American Pie’ by taking more risk. For some reason Millennials are failing to launch. The truth is, nothing you ever really want is something you get without taking some risks. And if you crash and burn, how bad is it really? We also recognize Heath Powell and Todd Straugh and discuss the huge personal risks they took to join the Grant Cardone sales team. They showed an extreme amount of courage and commitment and they just got promoted to management yesterday after showing that courage every day at the office and on the road. Risk: 1. When to take it 2. Why you take it When is the time to take a big risk? Now. Now is the time because you have the time to recover from any failures you encounter. The first rule of success is to show up. So many people miss that initial step and never get on the road to success. ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ With everything that you want, what is the worst that could happen? It doesn’t work out? You learn from the failure and move on to the next risk. If you rely on too little, rejection is going to seem much larger. If your pipeline is huge, when a deal falls through you barely notice. Check out: www.a1vipentertainment.com “You’ll never lose in the long run by taking a swing at your dreams.” – Jarrod Glandt Callers bring in their biggest risks and share their personal successes. Make sure not to miss the live show by tuning in each Thursday at 1 PM EST. Check out the full episode at: https://grantcardonetv.com/video/younghustlers/risk/


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