Make Your Life Your Life Sneak Preview

Have you even looked up the word life, it comes from the word live. The ability to grow and change is one of the definitions. Another definition the period of time between when you are born and die. If you look up the opposite of the word live it is to succumb. If you are living the life you mom, dad, priest,doctor, teachers, friends, spouse, kids or society thinks you should live – that is not YOUR LIFE – that is succumb. I know a lot about this because I lived my life for a lot of other people for too much of my life. To create the life you want YOUR LIFE – you have to first make a decision at some point to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to create the life you want for you. Here are my notes from a live stream I conducted on June 22, 2015. 1) What is the Ideal Scene for You? Be crystal about what you want. get clear about all the areas of your life. Business Personal Family Financial Health Spiritual Communal 2) Assume 100% Responsibility for Everything You can not be a victim and get what you want Nothing is happening to you its happening because of you. 3) Purpose is Tied to Solving Problems What problems can you solve for other The more people you help the more you help yourself 4) Who Can Help You GET there And who can’t Where are the people that can get you there Social Streams 5) Write your goals down daily – I write mine twice a day. It took me 17 years or writing my goals to have my two daughters and my wife. I use a 10Xplanner to write my goals down twice a day and you may find it useful.


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