Creating an invincible legacy isn’t easy. Building a lasting empire takes unique strengths and a lot of courage. At first, it feels overwhelming or even impossible…

But, you can make this dream a reality. 

In this article, I am going to share five of my empire-building strengths.

Then, how you can put them into practice for yourself

My Top 5 Empire-Building Strengths

Whether it’s in my marriage, in my business, or with my children, I have an important role to play…

The same goes for you. 

For a long time, many of the attributes on this list were undervalued or unacknowledged. Recognizing them in yourself is the beginning of knowing your worth and building your empire. 


1. Purpose-Oriented

The first of my top empire-building strengths is being purposed-oriented. 

Knowing my purpose keeps me motivated and on track to my targets. That is because my ambition is so big, I don’t waste time on little stuff. 


Be sure you use it to its full advantage. 

2. Rational

Another one of my most powerful advantages is that I don’t allow my emotions to dictate my actions. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am an artist and, of course, can be sensitive in certain situations. 

However, I don’t let them affect me to where I cannot act or make poor decisions. 

In other words, you can’t take things too personally. 

After all, you’re laying the foundation for a legacy that brings us to the next strength on my list… 

3. Disciplined

Strength number one is going to help you a lot with this empire-building attribute — discipline

I cannot tell you how many mornings I didn’t want to work out….

How much I wanted to procrastinate writing my book…

Or, how often I had excuses to not work on my business…

But I did all of them anyway

My mission was more important than taking the easy road. On top of that, I always feel better once I knock out a target. 

That being said, it is equally impactful to support your loved ones with your shared vision…

4. Supportive

Fourth on my list of empire strengths is also one I am the proudest of…


Much of the time, this particular asset is downplayed, but think about it this way…

A king needs his queen and knights to rule a country

CEOs need other executives and advisors to make good decisions

Therefore, so do the other people you share your life with — your spouse, business partner, or close friends. 

Being a strong ally to them all means everyone succeeds. 

It’s time to be proud of that. 

5. Perceptive of Opportunities

Last, a massive advantage I have in my arsenal is spotting opportunities a mile away. 

Sometimes, not being in the minutia of everyday operations can give you a different perspective. Also, I can spot favorable circumstances because I know what I want. 

Keeping your eyes open means you’re always ready to strike when the iron is hot


With that, this is the end of my top five list. By now, I am sure you see some of these strengths within yourself. 

The next question is how are you going to use them?

Empire-Building Strengths in Action 

In short, the way to maximize your empire-building strengths is to work them into your daily routine. It is the little steps you take every day that build up to the building and maintaining great things… 

Use your strengths and Build an Empire,

Elena Cardone  

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