Handle Disappointment

I recently received a question about how I handle disappointment.

So here’s the truth.

If you’re building an empire, you’re going to fail at some point.

It’s going to suck.  And you’re going to feel disappointed.  

Sometimes you’ll experience a twinge of disappointment (like not closing a sale)…

Other times, disappointment will take longer to get over (like when you create a new offer, you sweat over it for months, and then you generate zero sales).

This is just part of the entrepreneurial journey.

And it happens to the best of us.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that failure does not destroy empires.  It’s how you react to failure that counts.

Grant always says, “The only way you fail is by quitting.” 

Which means…

If you can withstand disappointment by flipping it to your advantage…

And if you can keep picking yourself off the floor…

Failure is actually impossible. 

The question is HOW do I handle disappointment — so I never throw in the towel? 

1) I know my purpose

Being clear on my purpose keeps me motivated through tough times.  For instance:

If I don’t want to wake up before the sun one day…

Or if I don’t feel like showing up for a difficult meeting…

My purpose gives me a reason to push through discomfort.  Because the fact of the matter is this:

Getting to greatness does not always feel good.  But your purpose will lighten life’s load. 

2) I stay strong in my purpose 

Knowing my purpose is one thing… but what happens if my disappointment feels unbearable?

A lot of people let their feelings dictate their outcomes.  So, they avoid actions that might trigger bad feelings (like disappointment). 

It hasn’t always been easy…

But over the years, I’ve learned to keep going — even when my palms are sweating and I feel sick to my stomach.

This is a muscle you need to build.  

When it builds, you will get better at going after goals despite setbacks. 

3) I take ownership 

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is playing the blame game. 

This often happens when people experience disappointment.  Why?

Because — when things go wrong — it’s easy to point the finger at other people.  

It’s much harder to look at your own shortcomings when you’re feeling disappointed.

Of course, there are times when you’ll feel like something bad “just happened” to you.

But in my experience…

Bad things do not “just happen.”

Things happen because we allow them to… intentionally or unintentionally.

Which is why I have a system that stops me from making the same mistakes over and over again.

First, I accept that my actions played a part in my disappointment.

Then, I identify red flags I should have spotted before disaster struck.

And finally, I put a plan in place for the future. 

It means – the next time I spot a red flag – I know exactly how to act so I avoid more disappointment.


So there you have it…  

That is how I handle disappointment.  

I encourage you to steal my approach so you can keep going even in tough times. 

Build an empire,

Elena Cardone

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