There is nothing worse than feeling like you are lost. You can have a wealth of knowledge, tremendous courage, and extraordinary talent… But without finding your purpose in life, there is nothing to fuel those amazing attributes.  

I know because I, too, have lived that foggy existence.

I know what it’s like to drift aimlessly, pulled from one thing to the next with no direction…

As a result, I can also tell you that learning to live in your purpose isn’t as daunting as you may think.

There is a step-by-step method you can use that will allow you to discover it naturally. 

And this is how you’re going to do it… 

Before Finding Your Purpose in Life, Understand It

First, you need to know exactly what a purpose is before you can even begin to find yours. 

PURPOSE is defined in the dictionary as: 

“The reason for which something exists or is done; to set as an aim or goal for oneself.” 

Sometimes, people will refer to this as their “why” — which is quite fitting in my opinion. As such, I want you to keep a couple of thoughts in the back of your mind as we go through these steps together… 

Only you can put limits on your purpose — or yourself, for that matter.

Do not let the voices of others or limiting beliefs cause you to make your why smaller…

Also, your purpose is who you are to your core. Therefore, it will be different for everyone. Society or other influences of what “should be” have no place here…

I don’t care what it is as long as it’s yours

By now, you already could be forming an idea of what that big why is, but what makes this concept so important to us as human beings? 

The Importance of a Strong Sense of Purpose

Why is it so critical to have a clearly defined purpose to feel fulfilled? 

In short, it is your Holy Grail. 

Because when you truly find your purpose in life, it will guide you to greatness.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but life isn’t always so easy…

Your purpose keeps you motivated, disciplined, and able to make the right decisions when you have: 

  • Doubts
  • Temptations
  • Distractions

When you fully uncover your core drive, pursuing it will be an addiction with no downside. Therefore, toxic activities fall off the table as options. 

A purpose is the ultimate weapon in all of life’s battles.

Let’s discover what yours is… 

My #1 Technique for Finding Purpose in Life and Business

At this point, we are diving headfirst into guiding you to uncover your purpose.

Of course, I would never advise you to do something that I hadn’t tested out for myself.

From here, I am going to walk you through the technique I used for finding my own sense of purpose in business, life, and beyond…

Reconnect with the Real You

When you feel hopeless or just not so great about yourself in general, much of it comes from not behaving in a way that is true to you

So, step one to finding your purpose in life is making lists of your attributes, goals, values, what you represent, and what you would fight for.

Keep these notes nearby as we move into the next step… 

Who and What Aligns with Your Purpose? 

Following this, you are going to examine both the activities and people in your life and which ones fall in line with the principles you just named. 

If you notice some don’t resonate with the real you, consider handling the situation or letting them go.

Be real with yourself, and don’t feel guilty about being harsh.

You don’t owe any individual anything, but you owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself. 

Make it Simply Irresistible 

Finally, you are going to craft your purpose. While there are many schools of thought on setting small, attainable goals, that’s not the stuff that empires are built from… 

Small games aren’t going to make you excited enough to pull through against all odds. Tiny thoughts don’t inspire greatness. 

For this last action, commit to paper the ultimate dream come true using what you’ve rediscovered about yourself and who you are. 

Your purpose should be big enough to change the world if you accomplish it. And you can, by the way.

Until then, how does it look day by day? 

What Does Your Purpose Look Like in Action?

As I’ve mentioned, each person’s purpose is going to be unique. Still, once you are fully living in your purpose, it will reveal itself in certain ways. And how powerful it is may shock you… 

1. Armor

Yes, your purpose can serve as protection from the crazy world out there — you just have to wear it. Doing so serves as a reminder of what to focus on and what battles are really worth fighting. 

Is that fight with your spouse really worth it? Or should you go attack some more worthwhile cause?

Your purpose will show you the way. 

2. Strength

No one will fault you for feeling discomfort or other reactions when facing a new challenge. However, you can’t let those negative emotions stop you… 

This is where you can draw upon your purpose for strength. When you know how rewarding your end-game is, it’s much easier to get up from the dirt and keep going. 

Use it to its full advantage. 

3. Motivation

The last way your purpose is going to present itself in your regular routine is motivation. 

When you are chasing a target that can move mountains… 

Or your efforts aren’t producing results as quickly as you’d like… 

There will be disappointments.

In these circumstances…

NEVER lower or change your objective.

That defeats all the work you’ve done to define your purpose. 

Instead, use your Holy Grail to choose activities that can move you towards achieving your mission. You’ll start feeling accomplished again. 

By now, you’ve done a lot of hard work on your own, but what’s next?

Powerful Support for Finding Purpose in Life and Business

In my experience, everyone is enthusiastic about finding their purpose in life when they’re sketching it out on paper. However, those dreams end up staying on the page once some action and effort need to be applied… 

Accountability, advice, and someone to lead the way make all the difference. 

With this in mind, I created the Build an Empire Course to keep you moving towards all you were meant to be. Within its contents, I go deeper into finding your purpose in life and equip you with the tools to continue building upon it. 

In the end, a grand purpose has been the fuel for the greatest legacies throughout history.

You have an enormous spirit, so start living a life equal to its magnitude. 

Build an Empire,

Elena Cardone

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