When thinking about how to build a legacy, all of us are faced with the same two questions…

Does your impact on others end when you pass away?

Or do you want to leave a legacy that lives on and is never forgotten? 

The answer was clear for me. From there, I began to envision the concept of building an expansive empire that continues to fulfill my purpose after I no longer can. 

If you feel the same way — which I hope you do — the only thing in your way is that you don’t know how to create a legacy…

Like you, I was once stuck in the same position. Nonetheless, I refused to give up on this worthwhile cause. 

I knew it was the right thing to do for myself, my family, and all the people who needed my help!

So, through a lot of trial and error — and being stubborn — I figured out some methods that have helped get me on my way to build an amazing legacy… 

And part of that legacy is sharing these tools with you

With that, let’s get started — because every moment counts.

Will You Leave a Legacy… Or Kill It?

Do you know how you are affecting your legacy today?

Like it or not, every decision you make is either building your empire or destroying it

Once I had that grave realization, it haunted me. Eerie as that may sound, it actually has served as a great motivational tool. 

Let me explain…

Knowing the importance each of my choices and actions makes to the legacy I leave behind keeps me disciplined

As a result, I am not careless in my behavior or speech. I make hard decisions in my business ventures based on long-term survival — not short-term gains. In addition, 

I take care of my body so I have the strength and longevity to put the foundation of my legacy in place. 

Everyone has the innate ability to create the life and legacy of their dreams. Unfortunately, not everyone has the mindset or discipline to make it a reality. 

So first, reject the ideas of being average, slacking on discipline, or having more time. Start acting as if an hourglass is running out — because it is. 

I am not saying this to frighten you. It’s to get you moving. However, activity without a distinct goal in mind won’t amount to much… 

Why Should You Build a Powerful Legacy?

It is one thing to want more. Ask the masses, and they all want more. The difference between those who daydream about it and those who make it happen is a single, vital factor…


Your purpose will be as unique as you are. Aside from that, the reasons to pursue your purpose and leave an enduring legacy have a few other benefits that speak to all of us…

Legacy of Positivity 

The first universal reason why you should create a legacy is to leave a positive imprint on the world. This may present itself in a variety of ways. 

A few common examples are: 

  • Passing down investments to take care of your family 
  • Leaving funds to aid charitable causes
  • Even establishing your own foundation 

Also, a legacy can be composed of a wealth of knowledge and strategies that better society

The possibilities are endless.

I think we can all agree that we would like to make a difference in a good way, for as long as possible. Despite this, the next reason you should commit to this massive undertaking may seem a little selfish… 

Be Remembered Forever

Depending on how you look at it, the desire to not be forgotten can seem vain. However, I am going to have to stand firm and say that it is not. 

Similar to how some believe that men only want one thing or money is the root of all evil, it’s just not true. 

The fact is… 


People like Marie Curie and William Shakespeare have this kind of immortality. It’s not shameful to want to achieve that as well. 

This same sentiment carries to the next reason you should strive for a legacy… 

You Are Worthy of Glory

Last, you should start to build a legacy because you deserve it! 

If you are anything like I was, I felt like I wasn’t worthy of good things or reaching my full potential for a long time. 

I am here to tell you that you are valuable and you deserve nothing less than a stately legacy. 

Once you allow yourself to appreciate who you truly are, it is time to choose your direction and create the blueprint for your legacy… 

How Can You Envision Your Legacy?

By now, I can guess you are forming a view on whether or not you are currently on the right path to leaving a lasting legacy. 

That’s fantastic! This element is key to ensuring your empire outlives you. 

Nevertheless, you must be clear on what you are trying to accomplish and the steps necessary to get there. 

Just like most problems, the easiest way to solve a dilemma is to work backward…

In this case, from your own death. 

The Obituary Exercise  

While the subject matter of The Obituary Exercise is morbid and hard to confront, I’m asking you to trust me on this one

After all, it takes courage to accomplish anything great like creating an immortal legacy…

1. YOU Are for Whom the Bell Tolls

This exercise begins with you writing your own obituary as if you were dead today. Really, I am asking you to examine some aspects of your life so far such as… 

  • Who have you positively impacted or helped?
  • What have you accomplished?
  • Where have you made a difference?

Once you complete your death notice, let’s move on to step two. 

2. Bring Yourself Back from the Dead 

Next, I want you to rewrite your obituary again with a few exceptions in mind. This time draft what it would be like if you died 20, 30, 100 years from now… 

And you had reached every milestone and carried out your purpose.

Now, compare one obituary to the other… 

Quite the difference, isn’t it? 

After sketching out this pair of futures, you can clearly distinguish where you are now and what you want to do 

This brings us to the final task… 

3. Start Living — Truly

Finally, your legacy is in sight. From here on, your mission is clear. All you have to do is start taking action and making the steps to get to that future vision — now. 

Make the important phone call today…. 

Reply to that email as soon as you see it…

Promote yourself as aggressively as possible…

Whatever it is you have to do, don’t wait. Even if it turns out to be wrong, that was a learning experience and another step closer to leaving the legacy you authored yourself. 

However, building an empire can’t be done alone… 

What Is the Secret to Create a Long-lasting Legacy… as a Family?

Equally important to your success in leaving an iron-clad legacy is to get everyone in your life on board. That counts double for those who are closest to you — your family. 

Because this affects your ability to execute your mission so heavily, don’t go into these discussions unprepared. 

Have a plan… 

First, you have to get on the same page as your partner. You two will determine the purpose of your family unit, its core values, and everyone’s roles — including other family members and any children. 

Regardless of their age, kids do understand large goals and purposes. Explaining their roles and how they can help by simply having good behavior makes them feel they are contributing.

It makes your children feel confident in themselves, so do not fail to include them. And not only does it make your big job ahead easier, but it also results in powerful and dignified future generations

In the end, isn’t that what you want, in part, to build your legacy for?

Final Thoughts on Legacy-building

To sum up, leaving a legacy is not just something for the blue-blooded or those born with silver spoons. All of us can and should leave our mark on the world for the better

Unfortunately, the clock is ticking… 

If you really want to get serious about creating a legacy, I have an entire module on that subject alone in my Build an Empire Course

However you decide to go about it, the time to do it is NOW.

Build an Empire,

Elena Cardone  

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