Working For a Monster

We define a Monster as a “legendary creature that combines multiple skill sets to dominate a market.” Monsters are typically Type A, first born, LEO’s, and High D’s on a DISC profile. They are great at taking charge, wanting to dominate, staying up all night in a crazed obsessed frenzy to win, and producing Monster numbers. What they many times are not great at is leading other people. They are selfish by nature, self-absorbed, narcissist, and so focused on the end that they see others as a hindrance and slow down to their progress. The challenge is that many of these people start their own companies or are elevated to leadership positions in companies they work for because of their drive and pure ambition. They may or not make good leaders and many times have expectations through the roof that nobody can meet. They can be incredibly hard to please and create as much dysfunction and chaos as anybody in the organization. Sound like your boss? In this show Coach Burt offers practical tips in how to work for and with the Monster and what the Monster can do to become a better leader that inspires people to get on the bus.


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