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Good Afternoon…

Hey, I wanted to give you an update on GrowthCon 2023.  In case you haven’t heard, we’re moving back to Vegas.

My team and I are there right now, scouting out the location.  We’re making plans and putting the schedule together.

And I can tell you, I’ve never been so excited about an event.

I say it every year… but every year it’s true – GrowthCon 2023 is going to be my biggest, boldest event ever.

You’ll be shocked when you see the quality of content and speakers.

Do yourself a favor and grab your early bird ticket now before prices go up.

 – Grant

P.S. – the brief articles below are written by my team.  I think you’ll find them interesting.  Give them a look.

Christmas in August?

Opportunity?:  We’ve heard for months about supply shortages.  And how they’re responsible – at least in part – for the 40-year inflation highs.  

But what happens when those shortages turn into surpluses?  Christmas in August we guess.

Last week both Target and Walmart told investors they were sitting on excess inventory.  And apparently, this means deals for anyone who wants to brave the heat and battle for a parking spot to take advantage.

Are the savings worth it?

Reality:  The money you save now might be a drop in the bucket towards paying your heating bill.  That’s because natural gas futures hit just prices we haven’t seen since 2008.

Buckle up.  It’s going to be an expensive winter.

30-Year-Old Makes $114K A Month in Passive Income

Overview:  The average annual income in America in 2022 is $63,214.  Which is a little over $5K a month.  After you pay Uncle Sam, that doesn’t leave a whole lot to live on.

But America doesn’t have a money problem… it has a mindset problem.  After all, if someone else can find great success, you can too – if you follow a proven formula and put the work in.

Take 30-year old Charlie Chang.  Charlie graduated college but wasn’t able to get accepted into med school.  So he needed a life change.  And he decided to turn to the internet.

He launched a channel on YouTube about personal finance.  And the channel quickly went viral. 

He decided to monetize the videos with ads.  And now, he’s up to a crazy $114K a month.

Insight:  Charlie calls this income “passive”, but we’d disagree.  After all, if he stops making videos, the revenue will likely slow and then disappear.

For income to be passive, it should continue to flow without you working for it.  Stock dividends are a good example.  But around here, we prefer investing in multifamily real estate.   Much safer.

Long Live Mississippians?

Where You Live Matters:  The CDC has published some new state-specific longevity statistics.  Seems the average life expectancy dropped in 2020 – no surprise there.  It dropped from 78.8 all the way down to 77. 

So if you know anyone who’s made it past 77, congratulate them – they’re above average.

Speaking of “average”, Mississippi is well below it when it comes to life expectancy.  In fact, you can expect to live 5 years less if you’re a Mississippian. 

Mississippi is a great state.  But with an average lifespan of 71.9… that’s doesn’t leave a whole lot to enjoy your “golden years”.

Top prize:  goes to Hawaii. Average life expectancy there is 80.7.  Second and third prize go to Washington State and California.  

Time to move West, old man?

How to Double Your Business in 9 Months

Problem:  When Nathan Walker of Energy Comfort Systems came to us, he had a problem.  He needed more sales.  And he new he needed better training and processes to support his sales team – especially his new hires.

So, he did 2 things…

First, he began what he calls a “wake up call” every morning at 8:30 a.m.  This was a high-energy meeting that set the tone for the day – much like we do here at Team Cardone.

If you don’t already come together as a team to set intentions for the day, we highly recommend it.

Next, Nathan didn’t try to reinvent the wheel… instead, he tapped into the wealth of sales training curriculum already created inside of Cardone University.  He used those modules to train his salespeople every day.  And soon, our strategies became second nature to them.

Big Result:  In the first 9 months alone, Nathan nearly doubled his business.  But what gets him even more excited is what Cardone U has done for his salespeople.  He credits the training for taking just one of his salespeople from earning $70K… to more than $200K in a single year.

This was from someone who never thought he’d be in sales!

If you’re looking to grow your team’s sales, get them on Cardone U today.

Book a demo call now to see if it’s right for you.

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