The Invisible Thief

Invisible Thief

Fellow 10X’er…

Imagine you have a thief that shadows you everywhere you go.

When you walk down the street, the thief follows.  They never make a sound, and you can’t see them… but you know they’re there.

When you lie awake in bed at night, the thief watches,  waiting.  Hoping you let your guard down so they can rob you blind.

When you get up on stage to do a talk, the thief lurks at the back of the room – taunting you.  Waiting for you to mess up.

And when you’re working on the biggest deal of your life… the thief is there, hell bent on making sure the deal never gets done.

What is this thief?

It’s called insecurity.

And it’s Been the Greatest Thief of my Life

It might surprise you to hear that someone like me gets insecure.  

Yes, underneath all the wealth… underneath all the marketing glitz and glamor… underneath all my bravado… 

It’s true.  Like you, at times I have to deal with insecurity.

For instance, before an event like GrowthCon, I lay awake in bed – night after night – worrying about how things will go… wanting to make sure I can deliver the people in the room the best experience possible.

I get nervous they won’t immediately see the value in being there.  And they’ll think I’m a fraud like so many others in my industry are.

These thoughts fill me with self doubt – even though I’ve never failed to deliver at a GrowthCon.

And it’s not just GrowthCon…

When I’m negotiating a business or real estate deal… the thief is whispering in my ear, “Grant – you’re going to blow this deal.  Who do you think you are?”

And every time I set out to yet again 10X my goals and get to the next level…  insecurity rears its ugly head and tries to stomp me back down “where I belong.”

Yes, just like any other human being, I suffer at times from insecurity.

Anyone who tells you they don’t is either a liar or psychopath.

How to Beat Insecurity

The bad news is that you can’t beat insecurity.  Not fully anyway.   All you can do is recognize it and try not to let it hold you back.

It’s tough because the thief is smart.  

There are times in your life when you should have taken that job… started that business… done that deal… and you didn’t because the thief convinced you weren’t ready.  Or weren’t good enough.

It makes you rationalize holding back on your dreams.

And that’s the true price of insecurity.

Yes, I’ve had a great deal of success in my life.  I’ve got money.  I’ve got a fantastic family.  I’ve even got a jet.

More importantly, I’ve found my passion in working with underprivileged, fatherless kids.

It’s my greatest gift to be able to give back and help them stop the cycle.

If it wasn’t for insecurity, though,  I’d be able to do even more.  To reach more people.  To help more.

But I’m an imperfect person – just like everyone else.

So, I do my best to push and to grow – despite the thief on my shoulder.

And even though I call insecurity a thief… It’s also part of what’s pushed me to achieve all that I have.

Don’t let your insecurity steal your life.  Use it to fuel your success… then help others do the same.

Keeping it real,

 – Grant


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