The Real Netflix Killer

netflix killer

Fellow 10X’er…

For years people have talked about a Netflix killer.

They said Apple+ would kill Netflix.  They said Amazon Prime would kill it. And they said Disney+ would kill it too.

Yes, those services have put a dent in Netflix’s business…

Netflix keeps on trucking, though.

So, it’s tempting to think they’ll be around forever.

But history teaches us differently.

What will kill Netflix?


Even the most popular companies don’t stand the test of time.

Remember Blockbuster… Polaroid… Toys R’ Us… Borders… Tower Records… Kodak… MySpace… 

They were all household names.  

Now they’re gone.  And when they sank, they took their investors’ money with them.

The same thing will happen to Apple, Amazon and Disney too.

That’s why I love real estate.

Check out St. Martin’s Manor in New Orleans…

It was built in 1872.  And it’s still accepting renters today.

Then there’s the Pendleton Building in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It’s 172 years old… and it’s still cash flowing, baby.

I don’t know about you…

But if I’m looking to drop $100k or a million into an investment?  I want something that’s going last.  I want something that’s going to cash flow for my kids… and their kids… and their kids…

That’s what real estate is built for.

Hey, if you like business – start and run a business to generate income.

But to grow and preserve your wealth, look to real estate.

Keeping it real,

 – Grant


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