Why Is Support So Important?


Elena Cardone speaks to Stormy Wellington about what exactly support is and how it plays an important role in the success of those around us.

Support isn’t a weak position. There is strength in dreaming and achieving goals together.

If you have a supporting role in your relationship, you matter.

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Elena Cardone started her career in Hollywood and soon became a successful actress and model of TV and film fame. A lifelong competitive sport shooter, and now author, businesswoman, empire builder, event producer, mentor, public speaker, trainer, and visionary. She is the author of the best-selling book “Build an Empire: How to Have it All”. She has inspired a legion of followers to create their own empires – lives that are truly fulfilling and beyond the average. She counts her current job as her most important one – Chief Family Officer, where she is a loving mother, fierce wife, and loyal friend.


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