Tom Hopkins & Grant Cardone on Power Players

If you think Grant Cardone is a sales training master, wait until you watch this interview with Tom Hopkins the man he studied 30 years ago when he made the commitment to learning all there was to know about sales. With 18, yes eighteen, best-selling books and over 1.4 million copies sold, Tom Hopkins is a true sales legend. His sales principles have helped millions worldwide to truly perfect the art of selling. He continues to teach sales professionals in various industries how to better understand the customer and close the deal. His discussion with Grant offers so many gems of wisdom and advice not just for sales professionals but for everyone interested in living a life full of abundance. Tom reminds people to find their niche and stick with it. He loved real estate but failed his real estate exam 3 times and made less than $50 per month for the first 6 months in that market. He explains that committing to studying and mastering something that truly interests you pays off. Tom hit his stride and made millions in real estate, and then created a sales training business to teach others. Some highlights from Tom include:
  1. “Make a living using creative skills.”
  2. “Do what you fear most and you’ll conquer fear.”
  3. “Always establish credibility. What you do and how you live exemplifies what you teach.”
  4. “To make a greater income you have to give up on playing it safe.”
  5. “Work harder on yourself than any job.”
  6. “Don’t take advice from people more messed up than you are.”
  7. “Become a student of the business of people.”
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