When is the right time to have a baby?

There is so much pressure on women to chose the exact right moment to have a baby — but the irony is that you don’t aways have so much control. The message to young women is that you must get your career and finances in perfect order before you can attract the right guy, and then you are allowed to think about motherhood. But life doesn’t always work like that, and countless women find themselves at the very tail end of fertility frantically trying to find the right guy and considering the emotionally traumatic and financially devastating options. My message: If you have time, have babies as soon as you can. You can always find romance and professional success. But your junk has an expiration date. I interview personal finance blogger Stefanie O’Connell, 28, who will not have kids until her financial goals are met, and Aimee Raupp, a fertility expert who is pregnant for the first time at 40, about the realities of pregnancy later in life.
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