Do you want to drive your business to the next level? Then you need to understand how these three elements will help you scale your business. 


Everything you do is based on belief. So the question I would like to ask you is this… “how much time and energy do YOU spend ELEVATING your own belief, intentionally, about what you do?’

Because if you’re not elevating your belief about what you can do, or what your business can do, or how successful your team can be, how are you THINKING about driving everything to the next level?

The primary element to scale, which is maximizing what you have, is having the belief you can be better. If you believe that you’re “tapped out”, then you’ve limited your belief on how to become more efficient

Operational Effectiveness

The higher you believe, the higher you achieve. And with operational effectiveness, the better you get at doing the thing that you do, across the spectrum of everyone doing it, the more effective you become. 

That’s called “working smarter, not harder.”


The first sign of SCALE is “me” leadership. The people that you currently have working with you—including yourself—how much are you working on yourself to elevate your skillset and your impact across the spectrum of doing whatever you do. 

You see, if you can’t lead yourself by developing yourself, how can you lead your team? You need to be an example – so they can see that if you’re doing it, they, too, can do it!

That would be “me” leadership, which once people see that you’re demonstrating your intentionality in growing and developing and pushing, they then have an example to follow. So then it moves to “we” leadership. 

How to know your business is ready for scaling

You then have to ask yourself if it’s duplicable, trainable, is it something you can replicate? And if you have, do you have at least three people that can do the same thing the same way with the same or better impact?

What is the granular incremental improvement across the spectrum of everything you’re doing, and everyone you’re doing it with, and the intentionality to measure and replicate that impact?

This is how organizations evolve – with granular improvements, learning how to communicate, establish, motivate, and inspire people to do better than they were doing yesterday, for the growth of the business. 

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