Stop the Side Hustle Stupidity

side hustle

Fellow 10X’er…

I get sick of hearing about side hustles.

Side hustles get you chump change.  

They’ll never make you rich.  Or anywhere close to it.

Don’t listen to people selling side hustle crap.

They’ll have you running around shopping at garage sales… looking for something you can buy for $10 and sell for $30.

That’s 20 bucks, man!

How much time are you going to spend on that stuff?


If you have a job, you have ALL YOU NEED to get rich…

You just don’t know it yet.  (Click here to find out how to get rich with your current job).

I promise you… if you can show your boss a way to make an extra dollar they wouldn’t have had without you… the boss would be glad to give you a little piece.

If not, your boss is a fool.  And you need to find another job pronto.

So, how do you add profits to the business you work in – and get a piece of the actions?

Here’s a few thoughts…

  1. Sell your company’s products or services – even if you’re not a salesperson.   And collect a commission.  Every person in my company is empowered to sell – and earn cash for doing it.  It’s simple.
  2. Make a list of businesses that could refer their buyers to your company.  Let’s say you work at a jewelry store that sells Rolexes .  Is there a Mercedes dealer in town?  Maybe you can work out a deal where they hand out invites to an exclusive showing of a new Rolex model.  The car dealer gets 10% of sales generated.  And you should get a piece too.
  3. Is there unused space in your company’s warehouse?  You could find someone to rent that space monthly… earn your boss some passive income… and get your piece.  Monthly passive income, baby.

There are a couple of keys to making this work.

First, trying to dip into existing profits won’t work.  As I said earlier, you need to focus on making your boss profits they wouldn’t have gotten without you.  

Second, you need to be careful about how you approach this stuff.  I mean, you can’t commit your boss to some kind of partnership without his approval.

And if you throw out half-baked ideas, the boss will find all kinds of reasons to say no.

So, the first real sale you’re going to make is to your boss.

When you do, it opens a whole new world for you. 

All it takes is creativity and hustle.  

Do it right and you’ll make tons more than any side hustle.  And you’ll become irreplaceable to your boss.

In fact, you could become a millionaire employee.

Keeping it real,

– Grant


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