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Recently, the debate on whether phones are allowed in school has heated up. So much so that certain districts have banned them completely from their campuses. However, the largest pushback is not coming from the student body, but their parents. This article weighs both sides of the issue for discussion… 

What are the Effects of Phones in School on Students?

Today, it is more common than ever for school-age children to own smartphones. Nonetheless, this has been the norm long enough now we can start measuring long-term effects… 


A study performed by the National Library of Medicine found that permitting phones in school resulted in…

Lower course comprehension and mental well-being. 

Adolescents’ mental health as related to social media is a larger conversation. But decreased comprehension is fairly straightforward when you consider these statistics. 

A Common Sense Media report states that students get one-quarter of their daily phone notifications during school hours. 

The report also cites these children will spend 43 minutes of the academic day engaged in smartphone use. 

Altogether, these facts seem to tip the scales toward an all-out ban on phones in school. Yet, some parents are vehemently against it… 

Parents want Phones in School More than Kids?

The are even more studies and statistics on the possible benefits of making campuses phone-free. 

Still, a National Parents Union poll showed the majority of parents want phones in school — albeit, not while class is in session. 

For the most part, parents want to be able to reach their children in the case of emergencies, reminders, and scheduling changes. 

A former high school teacher, Taylor Smith, made this comment on the matter…


via the Wall Street Journal

That being said, is the problem bad smartphone habits, and is compromise possible?  

Ban Smartphones Entirely or Teach Responsibility

The good news is that even limiting the use of phones in schools has shown academic improvement. 

A notable example is the Fort Wayne Community Schools of Indiana having children put their devices in secure pouches. 

Students can have the pouches unlocked in the school office for emergencies and use between classes. Superintendent Mark Daniel has said that there have been “noticeable improvements” since its implementation in March. 

At the end of the day, these students will need to use smartphones later on in the real world. So, the question is how do we teach them good habits with the devices overall…

By taking them away or limiting them? These are all things to consider.

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