Yes, they’re coming for you (proof)

coming for you

Fellow 10X’er…

You may have heard that President Biden has authorized hiring 87,000 new IRS agents.

And you may have also heard that they’ll only be going after the already-rich.

So, you’re not supposed to worry.

But the truth is… those IRS agents will be coming for you…

Don’t believe me?

Let’s look at the numbers…

There are only 927  billionaires in America.  And they don’t need 87,000 agents to go after them.

Billionaires can afford to hire accountants and lawyers to fight audits anyway.  Many millionaires.

So, they won’t get any juice from those groups.

What about everyone else?

Well, the mandate of these new IRS agents is to recoup – by force – $204 billion in tax revenue.

But even if they ramped audits up to the levels they had in 2010… and only went after people making more than $400K… they’d only collect about a quarter of that goal.

And even if they audited every single person who makes more than $10 million… they’d still fall way short.

One more stat… if they audited every single person who makes more than $1 million dollars a year, they’d only need 25,000 new agents.

The numbers just don’t add up.

Make no mistake – the IRS agents are being weaponized… and if you’re in the middle class, they’re setting their sights on you.

It has to be that way.  America is more than $30 trillion in debt.  And they’re growing more desperate every year.

Here’s your 2-step solution…

  1.  Make more money so you can defend yourself in an audit.
  2.  Invest in tax-advantaged solutions – like multifamily real estate.

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Keeping it real,

 – Grant

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