I went to a McGregor fight in New York last fall and after I returned home my daughter asked me, “What’s more important, talent or obsession?” I told her talent doesn’t mean anything unless you’re obsessed.

That led me to doing a live stream over on Facebook where I told people to ask me anything and I’d give the first thought that came to my mind. Here is what came out of it, so if you want to get to know me a little better, read on…

Boxers or Briefs? Neither.

Giants or Jets? Definitely the Giants. Jets are losers.

NFL or NBA? That’s a hard one. In person… live… NBA.

How can I make my wife 10X? Look, a go-cart can’t become a tractor. A spade is a spade. You can’t make a spade a clover. She has to want to 10X things, you can’t make her. You have to find the right person.

If you were starting over would you do cars again? No, I’d go straight to the real estate game. Cars are awesome, but I didn’t have to be selling cars it could have been anything. I learned a lot selling cars though.

Ground beef or ground turkey? Ground beef.

Is Gary Vaynerchuk the real deal? I don’t know, I just know he’s outspoken, makes a lot of money, inspires a lot of people, and seems like a good guy. He’s been in my office and seems like a hardworking legit dude. I don’t know anything about his family life. I’ve tried to do some stuff with him but he’s been pretty busy. I will say this—if you’re just hustling and grinding and the money isn’t showing up, the hustling isn’t working. I spent the first 15 years of my career hustling and grinding so I know that whole deal. The problem was the revenue wasn’t showing up. The money was not equivalent to the amount of work I was putting in. If you’re out there hustling and grinding and burning it up, and the money isn’t showing, you’re missing something. I want you to monetize now, that’s why I created Cardone University.

With Trump now being president, is there a specific state you like most for real estate? Yes, Florida. Donald Trump loves Florida. He loves everywhere between West Palm Beach and Miami.

Tom Brady or Joe Montana? You have to go with Brady.

I have $10,000 what should I invest in? Nothing. Keep saving until you get at least $100,000 saved. Until then focus on increasing your income and if you have $4K or $7K just invest it in yourself so you can increase your knowledge and start making more money.

Coffee or wine? Coffee.

Jordan or LeBron? I have to go current so I’ll say LeBron.

Love or trust? Well, there wouldn’t be any love without trust.

Angelina Jolie or Jessica Biel? You wouldn’t be happy with either skank but I’d go Biel.

Artist or Entrepreneur? An artist better be an entrepreneur or they won’t be an artist very long.

I’ve got $150,000 what should I do with it? I’d use debt to multiply that and buy a $600,000 asset that produces at least 5% on that. Or invest it with a guy like me and ride a $20-million-dollar deal. You’ve proven that you can make some money and save it. Now it’s time to make a play. Shove your chips into one deal.

I quit. Do you think I can still be rich one day? Sure, everybody quits just don’t stay quit.

When you’re working late how does your wife handle it? My wife trusts me and know we are on the same team. She handles the kids.

How do I get my team as bought in as I am? You have to get them trained. Everyone in your organization should be doing 6 segments a day on Cardone University.

Hustle or skill? You need skill and lots of it. There’s too many people out there hustling and they are missing skill. If you’re hustling, you are in a grind—you have to be obsessed.

Harvard, Cornell, or Cardone University? I’d pay $20,000 for Cardone University over going to any other school for free.

Boxing or MMA? MMA.

Cardone Zone or Young Hustlers? Probably Cardone Zone.

Slim and sexy or thick and fit? Slim and sexy.

Elon Musk or Richard Branson? Musk.

Instincts or logic? I’d go with my instinct.

Asset protection—LLC or S-Corp? LLC is a great little condom but if they are coming at you they are going to break through.

Smoke or drink? I’d smoke a great cigar over drink.

Swimming or jogging? Swimming.

Kids or dogs? We got rid of 4 dogs and traded them in for 2 kids.

Canada or the UK? I’d like to do more business in both places.

Rolls Royce or Bentley? Rolls.

Inside or outside sales? I’d go outside, I’m an outside guy. 

Howard Schultz or Warren Buffett? Buffett.

If you’re curious about other questions or want to ask me something more, follow me on your favorite social media platform and let’s connect.

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