Importance of communication

Miscommunication is the most important part of communication😀

As per me, communication, for it to be effective, should have the following steps:

1. People think and feel.

2. As they think and feel, a thought process starts.

3. This thought process at one point generates an idea.

4. This idea is then converted to steps that have a beginning, middle and an end.

5. Communication is these steps.

Simple, right? Not so simple. One of my good friends say that I am borderline autistic. Haha, am not sure about that. However, the steps that I should follow take a twist. I somehow end up saying the end first. Not only that, I go 10 steps further down the process to the end game. This disconcerts people because they have no idea what the hell I am talking about😀. No wonder life for people round me is chaotic.

I am not the only person with communication issues. A lot of people in this world have the same problem. We are too vague for our own good😀.

I have been thinking about it a lot and have an idea. In our vision building workshop, we explain that a vision should not be more than a sentence and should be easily understood by a 12 year old.

Why shouldn’t communication be the same? Why cannot we summarize everything into a single sentence? If we cannot, can we make ourselves understood by a 12 year old?

Hahaha! It’s going to be difficult, at least for me😀. But, am willing to try! But, I need simple steps for this to work. So, what do I do? As a first step, I am going to read up on simple communication. Then, I am going to implement some steps.

So, please await my next blog on this topic!

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