Secret 10X Formula Illustration

From a bird’s eye view, it may look like my path to success was straight and inevitable.

But I was plagued with the same uncertainties, challenges, and rejections that every entrepreneur experiences. 

No matter what I desired: personal finances with indestructible wealth, a lasting business legacy, or 1 million customers… 

To push through, I just kept setting big goals.

I’m talking about 10X bigger goals than I thought I needed. Plus, I did 10X more than what I thought would be necessary to achieve my goals. 

This is my secret 10X formula for massive success in business and in life. 

10X Mindset + 10X Action = 10X Success

This formula is the one single thing that has made the biggest difference across all areas of my life. 

Now, don’t let its simplicity fool you. I promise once you internalize this formula it will change your life dramatically for the better. 

But the biggest mistake you can make when launching and scaling your business is severely underestimating the actions, resources, money, and energy it will take to reach your goals.

Do you think Elon Musk is the first guy to want to build an electric car? No. But he is the first to take massive action towards achieving his goal. And as a result, he’s among the world’s richest men. 

The path is never straight and narrow. For example, Facebook didn’t make any money for the first 5 years in business. And it took Amazon 9 years before hitting its first profitable year.

Think about these people. It doesn’t matter if you love them or hate them, you know their goal…  

Elon Musk wants to go to Mars… 

Walt Disney wanted to create “the happiest place on Earth”… 

And Donald Trump wanted to “make America great again.”

You know these goals because these people told you over and over and over again. And people catch on to their visions and want to be a part of them. 

I don’t just plaster “10X” on everything to gloat. I post it because I’m proud and I want to spread the message to help 8 billion people on this planet. That’s my ultimate goal. 

And it motivates me! 

This is how you create the momentum you need to scale your business to extraordinary heights.

Your 10X goal should motivate you so you can use it to motivate others. 

Jot this down on a piece of paper today or copy and paste it into a document: 


10X___________ + 10X____________ = 10X___________

Now, fill in the blanks. 

Once you’ve determined your 10X formula, it’s your job to make everyone know it. 

This is your ultimate goal. 

And you need to post it everywhere. 

Do more than just put it in your office or conference room. 

This goal must become something you live and breathe. It should inspire others to live and breathe it too. 

When you follow this formula to set your 10X goal, everything about growing your business becomes easier. 

Be Great, 

Grant Cardone

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