Showing Up on Camera Illustration

When you’re not showing up consistently in your business, on social media, or on camera, you don’t just hurt your bottom line…

It’s much worse than that.

You hurt people who need you the most.  Why? 

Because YOU might have the one answer your followers have been missing for weeks… months… or even years.

You showing up on camera could be the one answer that turns someone’s life around.

This is not me exaggerating.   

Think about it:

Have you ever watched a YouTube video or attended a training which triggered an “aha moment” for you?  It’s happened to me!

I often wonder where Grant and I would be if our mentors had not shared their wisdom with us. 

I’m certain we would not have our empire. 

And because of this…

The fear I used to experience before switching on my camera has lost its power over me.  

I also understand why it’s crucial to show up… even when my confidence is through the floor.

Or… when haters are preparing to attack.

And it’s crucial for you to show up too.

This is why I just uploaded a video for you

In this video, I share how I overcome my fears – and show up no matter how I’m feeling.  

If you’ve ever talked yourself out of showing up on camera, I think this video will trigger a complete shift in perspective.

I suspect you’ll want to shoot your own video after hearing what I say.  If you’re curious…

Click here and watch the video.  

Build an empire,

Elena Cardone

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