Samkela Mhlakaza, 10X Hub Entrepreneur

Our latest success story from the 10X Hub in South Africa is about Samkela Mhlakaza aka Sam. While his journey hasn’t been easy, this is how Sam used the tools from the program developed by the Grant Cardone Foundation to expand his business…

Born in Stellenbosch, the 29-year-old business owner started his company to generate a source of reliable income

“I wanted to be an entrepreneur but also be able to employ individuals through the platform of a sustainable business,” Samkela shares. “I wanted to […] create opportunities for others.” 

Once Mhlakaza identified a need in the market, he founded Kasilam Wear, his clothing and printing brand. 

However, his budding enterprise almost collapsed when Kasilam’s main supplier passed away

Despite this, the self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” and “pigeon dad” buckled down and connected with the 10X Hub to save his company. 

After all, quitting is for the birds… 

Samkela Mhlakaza Spent Months Rebuilding and “Learning to Fly” 

Upon the untimely passing of his supplier, Samkela faced intense pressure. He was struggling to deliver orders and had to build a new network of associates. 

On top of all that, Mhlakaza had to teach himself how to do tasks he didn’t usually perform on his own… 

Then, Samkela Mhlakaza joined forces with the 10X Hub and found the very support he needed all along. The program has enriched his business with advice, assistance, and — most importantly — partners.

“You cannot do everything on your own. Reach out, get involved. We truly are stronger together.”

Ultimately, Sam was able to keep his business afloat with a hardworking mindset and a few tools. We are beyond thrilled that the knowledge he attained empowered him to succeed.

When all is said and done, Samkela Mhlakaza’s story really shows that you can’t lose if you don’t quit.

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