At the 10X Growth Conference, attendees have the unparalleled opportunity to hear life-changing stories from celebrity speakers. And that’s exactly what went down when Grant Cardone interviewed Scooter Braun about discovering Justin Bieber…

Today, Scott Samuel “Scooter” Braun is among the most prominent executives in the music industry. He represents the biggest artists in the biz, from Ariana Grande to Demi Lovato and, of course, Justin Bieber.

However, Scooter didn’t achieve massive success overnight… 

In fact, shortly before he did make it, the current music mogul was steps away from financial collapse.

This is the perspective-altering story that Braun revealed to Grant at 10X Growth Con…

Young, Determined, and on the Grind

At age 20, Scooter was hustling around the clock as a promoter in the Atlanta party scene.

In this chaotic environment, he caught the attention of Jermaine Dupri — Grammy award-winning producer, record exec, and artist.

“You’ve got more potential than parties,” Dupri told young Braun.

And soon after, 20-year-old Scooter became the youngest vice president in the music business

Although the fancy title didn’t come with a big paycheck, the opportunity at the So So Def record label was pivotal for his professional portfolio. Alongside Dupri, Braun worked with the likes of Usher and Mariah Carey at the height of their careers in the early 2000s.

But when the time eventually came to part ways with So So Def, Scooter’s finances were shaky, to say the least…

“I had enough money for about 13 months before I went dead broke,” he confessed on the 10X Growth Conference stage.

And that was the moment where he committed to success, risked it all, and ventured into building his own company from the ground up.

How Did Scooter Braun Discover Justin Bieber?

Scooter was a strong believer in social media long before it was the industry norm. As such, he knew the potential in finding hidden talent online.

One night, Braun was browsing YouTube when he came across a boy with an incredible voice…


As a true visionary, Braun immediately jumped on the opportunity to sign and manage Justin as an artist. However, given the young manager’s money situation, it was far from easy

With finances worsening by the day, Scooter Braun was paying for Justin Bieber and his mother to live in a townhouse, as well as for Justin’s education and hockey lessons. All this in addition to taking care of Asher Roth, another emerging artist he’d signed a few months before Bieber…

At the time, Braun was on month 11 out of the 13 of savings

With two months to bankruptcy, he turned to his father for wisdom and guidance. After a heartfelt phone call in which Scooter’s dad urged him to persist, the following day changed the trajectory of multiple lives.

Asher Roth came to Braun’s apartment and played him “I Love College”. And Scooter recognized the massive potential on the spot…

The song quickly became so successful that they obtained a million-dollar publishing deal

With Braun’s $150,000 commission, he doubled down and put it on Justin Bieber…

And the rest is history.


— Scooter Braun in conversation with Grant Cardone at the 10X Growth Conference

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