Wealth Creation Workshop

November 10, 2023 —  The Grant Cardone Foundation hosted its first-ever Wealth Creation Workshop. The financial literacy event took place at the 10X Headquarters in Aventura, Florida. This article details the proceedings and exciting impact of this one-of-kind class… 

Turnout The First Wealth Creation Workshop 

On the morning of November 10th, 50 students crowded into the 10X Classroom. These young men and women came from several prominent South Florida youth programs. 

To be specific: 

  • Tru Prep Academy 
  • Circle of Brotherhood 
  • His House 
  • And, Citrus 

These children come from the foster care system, disadvantaged backgrounds, and underserved communities. 

Nevertheless, the kids were there for more than a tour of the state-of-the-art facilities or solid life advice… 

The intention of this outreach initiative was to empower the attendees with invaluable life skills. 

The Purpose Driving the Wealth Educational Initiative 

As always, the driving force behind the Wealth Creation Workshop is the same as everything our organization does…


For that reason, instructors from CTTI staff — such as Glenn Miller — spoke on:  

  1. Money Mindset
  2. Using capital as a tool
  3.  Investing 
  4. And, goal-setting 

All the students in attendance also received a “goodie bag.” However, this swag contained more than 10X hats and bands… 

Also, each was gifted with a copy of our founder, Grant Cardone’s bestselling book, “The 10X Rule.” That way their goals, commitment and income can grow along with them. 

We look forward to updating you with success stories and further recaps of our future events. 

Be Great, 

GCTV Staff

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