Pushing Past Personal Issues to Live Your Dream Job

This is the fourth in an exciting and riveting five-part series on finding and landing a job you love. This multi-part series opens your eyes to new possibilities and I hope it will make you feel bad for settling in a job that you dislike or even hate. IF you are stuck—–I want to help you get unstuck. I want to light a fuse in you that causes you to create tactical steps to arouse the passion within you and go and seek out what you were born to do. I have a special guest today that is flying high in his career and you’ll enjoy hearing his story.
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CEO of Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Capital, international speaker, entrepreneur, and author of The 10X Rule & creator of 21 bestselling business programs, Grant Cardone owns & operates seven privately held companies and a $5.2 billion portfolio of multifamily properties. Named the #1 marketer by Forbes Magazine, Cardone is also the founder of The 10X Movement & The 10X Growth Conference, the world’s largest business & entrepreneur conference.


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