Marketing Rules

Business is a game. And like any other game, there is a certain way you gotta play to win. On top of that, every one of your departments has a different set of strategies that score revenue. This article tackles marketing rules in particular — and why they’re successful.  

10 Marketing Rules to NEVER Break

First, there are two things for you to adopt if any of these promotional practices have a chance of working…

  1. You must use all these methods — even if they make you uncomfortable. 
  2. They must become non-negotiable operating procedures for your company. 

Much like my 12 business commandments, I have only ever gotten into trouble when I violated these marketing rules.

 So, keep both the principles above in mind as we move through this list one by one. They will all be effective as long as you allow them to. 

Promote So Much, There’s Pushback

As an entrepreneur, promotion should become a round-the-clock activity. Before you tell me that it’s too much, let me ask you something… 

Can I ask any man, woman, or child on the planet and they’ll be able to tell me what you do? 

Because if they can’t, you’re not promoting enough, my friend. 

And once you start to hear that you are doing it too much or you’re repetitive — that’s when you’re getting somewhere…


This is at the top of the list of marketing rules for a reason. Because if you stop, the customers will start to forget you. 

Don’t Overdevelop or Overthink

I know this one is going to rub some of you the wrong way. Namely, anyone who is extremely proud or a stickler for details… 


Waiting to “work out all the bugs” is suicide in the marketplace. To prove it, I’ll give you an example of a subpar product that is unstoppable — the iPhone. 

At this point, it is common knowledge that whenever the newest model comes out, there are technical issues. Apple continues to send updates on these phones for years after they are released and yet…


Even though it’s one of the most polarizing marketing rules, it holds true. The best-known will always beat the best product. 

Value Attention Over Time

I agree that your time as a business owner is worth as much as money. However, there is an even more valuable currency…


For that reason, number three of these marketing rules is that investing time into promotion is non-negotiable. Not only that, it needs to be a priority. 

I know that you have a list of reasons to put this on the back burner. I know because I have made all the same excuses

There is always going to be other stuff in your company that you need to address…

Problems with employees…

Vendors missing deadlines…

It never ends! 

But, consider what it will cost you and your business not to have potential customers get to know you.

Repeat Successful Actions 

This next action is one of the easiest ways to improve your marketing plan, but also one of the most violated rules… 


Just duplicate the same campaign, offer, etc., and update it according to dates. 

Marketers and entrepreneurs alike are afraid of doing this because they feel like they have to reinvent the wheel every time. But, why mess with perfection?

People clearly liked and responded to it. After all, you wouldn’t mess with a great recipe, so run the same play as long as it works. 

With that idea in mind, the next rule applies to the digital branding space… 

Assume Nobody Sees It

Already, I can feel you objecting to what I said in the prior section. I bet even some readers left this article entirely after reading it!

Nonetheless, I am about to double down on this — especially when it comes to social media. When a social media post performs, post it again and on other platforms. 


Because I can almost guarantee that they didn’t. Ask yourself…

Do you see everything that those you follow post? 

Do you follow them on every platform? 

Would you notice if they said something similar before? 

Your audience has full lives outside of following you. On top of that, they may not have seen your offer post because they weren’t ready for it. 

As long as your branded content marketing is good, you should have no shame in repeating it. 

Be FAST — Not Perfect

We already discussed not waiting until your product or offer is fully realized to market it. 

Now, I am going to encourage you to take a similar approach to promotional material. In particular, don’t waste too much time split-testing landing pages for things like colors or different copy. 

As long as your offer is clear and customers can buy it, make it live. You can always make adjustments and improvements later. 


Sometimes, I put out something with misspelled words or another mistake and it does better than a “perfect post.” 

The faster you are to the marketplace, the faster you start earning money. Nonetheless, you must understand that brand awareness is more valuable than capital in the long run… 

Understand Marketing is Senior to Sales

Of course, you must be aware if financial red flags are popping up in your organization. But that doesn’t mean to pump the brakes on promotion. 

In contrast, you need to promote more if you’re experiencing money trouble… 

Marketing is how you make a cold call to the world. By that logic, it is the foundation of any revenue generation. 

People are more likely to buy from you if they already know your marketing message. In fact, it is impossible to do any business with you if they have no idea you exist. 

Hammer this down alongside the other marketing rules, and you’ll be set up for success. 

Become Frequent AND Consistent 

A key part of any great marketing program is not only consistency but frequency. 

This means organizing schedules and systems to run campaigns and measure effectiveness. 

This includes everything from: 

  • Marketing campaign metrics (if you run ads)
  • Social media engagement
  • Tracking opt-ins on pages
  • And, everything in between 

Also, don’t be discouraged if you don’t go viral right away. Promotion is a long game.

 So, the more you follow this rule, the more ROI you’ll get from promotion. Because then, your target market will trust and know you. 

Don’t Worry About Making Mistakes 

As of the writing of this article, cancel culture is alive and well — especially online. However, I don’t want your fear of being canceled to prevent you from getting attention with your digital marketing. 


I promise you there is no one thing you can say that can kill your business. It is okay to be unpopular. As long as you are ethical, you have no reason to fear speaking your mind. 

Still, there is one more on this list of marketing rules and it is the Holy Grail of them all… 

The  Most Important of ALL Marketing Rules… 

The last rule you need to implement regarding your marketing is to be everywhere. 

Whether that’s new social media platforms…

Email marketing…

Running ads where your audience isn’t usually at…

It has to look like you are following your target audience everywhere they go. 

Yeah, they might be annoyed at seeing you at first. But eventually, that turns into curiosity and then conversion. 

Even new places that seem like a failed venture are more eyes on your brand that weren’t there before. Keep branching out. It’s the only way to stay relevant. 

These Marketing Rules SHOULD Feel Overwhelming… 

I have given you a lot to chew on with these rules of marketing. And that’s understandable…


The reason entrepreneurs struggle with promotion is that they half-ass their marketing efforts. They don’t see results in two seconds, they immediately back off. 

Don’t make that same mistake. Marketing is like planting trees. You aren’t going to have a Redwood forest the day after you plant seeds. 

Put the systems in place, keep at it, and you’ll come out on top. 

Follow these Marketing Rules and be great. 

— Grant Cardone 

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