Hump Day – The G & E Show Sneak Preview

After more than 10 years of marriage, Grant and Elena can personally attest to Whatever It Takes to succeed in money, marriage and business. Grant doesn’t like “Hump Day” because people are too focused on the weekends and not being productive. This episode is edgy. The media has also been over-hyping a MASSIVE storm that was set to ‘pummel’ and ‘pound’ many cities. In reality, it did drop a lot of snow and had high winds, but didn’t pose nearly as much of a threat as the media made it out to be. Apple made more money in one quarter than any other company in history. They could give every US citizen $556—to each and every one of the 320+ million inhabitants—while others were worried about the weather. Grant: Elena: Article: Sex or money: What makes you happier? By Ian Kerner • 70% of millions with a mean net worth of $90 million enjoy ‘better and more adventurous sex’ according to this survey. Elena wants to hear from you. Do you think having more money makes you have better sex? Is it more relaxing, more adventurous? Ian Kerner, the author of this report says, “Could money act as an aphrodisiac? Maybe. Or, as the study’s authors suggest, perhaps wealth-inspired orgasms are the result of evolution, helping women discriminate between men to find those that have the best provider potential.” In Orthodox Jewish Religion: • Sex is the woman’s right, not the man’s • Men have a duty to provide sex is pleasurable and plentiful to his wife • A man may not take a vow to abstain from sex for an extended period of time • And more… If you missed the live show, make sure to tune in at 1 PM Eastern Time every Wednesday so you can call in and speak directly with Grant and Elena! You can also leave comments below!


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