How to Turn your Website Into a Lead Generating Machine That Works on Autopilot 24/7, Even if You are Sleeping or Watching Football Hey guys! My name is Hernan Vazquez and first off I wanted to say a big THANKS to Grant Cardone and his team for allowing me to write this blog posts. It’s a huge honor for me to be part of this growing community and give away pure transformational value. Today, I wanted to talk about how you can turn your website into an automated lead magnet and sales funnel with some simple tweaks. It doesn’t matter which niche you are into, these techniques applies to everyone out there that has a website and want more from it. Because, that was the idea on the first place, wasn’t it? When you decided to get your website going, you thought it was going to be the next big thing of your business, didn’t you? You thought that having a website was all it took to get a flood of leads ringing at your door, right? Well that’s hardly the case. You probably learnt it the hard way. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. You CAN turn your business into a lead generating machine by doing some simple tweaks to your website. No, you won’t need to invest a ton of money in Pay per Click campaigns or hire a new Search Engine Optimization guy. In fact, you don’t even need more traffic to make this happen. When you are done reading this article, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to turn your website into a lead generating machine, an open store that works for you 24/7 even if you are watching the game. So let’s get started. Your Number One Asset is Not Your Website Let me be blunt here: If anyone at some point told you that your number one asset was your website, you’ve been lied to. Your number one asset is not your website. It is your email list. Or your subscribers list or your clients list. That’s your number one asset. In fact, that’s the number one asset for every website or online business. When it comes to turning your website into a lead generating machine, you want it working to grow your number one asset. It’s amazing how many people out there are selling products or services but they are not building an email list. And until not so long ago, I was one of them. I have been doing SEO for the most part of the past 5 years. And I always had to struggle with finding new clients. But since I started building an email list or leads and potential buyers, everything has changed. Now I get new leads every day and people chase me to get their SEO done. Not the other way around. You can achieve this as well, IF you decide to build an email list and put forth the effort to do so. Your Website’s Traffic is Not Your Traffic You also need to remember that every website needs traffic. That’s the blood of any website out there. Without traffic you only have an online brochure that nobody reads. And traffic is usually borrowed from Facebook and Twitter if you are doing Social Media. Or from Google whether you are doing AdWords PPC or trying to get a spot on Page 1 with SEO. It doesn’t matter where you are getting your traffic from; it’s not your traffic! You are borrowing it from someplace else. The only way to become your own traffic broker is to cut the middle man and build your own email of potential leads and purchasers. Just think about how many times Google has changed its algorithm over the past two years. And how many businesses have been cut off their main source of traffic and sales just because their Facebook ads account was shut down. That is not a sustainable way of conducting business, if you ask me. The only way you can bypass all of this is by having an email list. So let’s dive right into that. Step 1: Where do I Start? First off, you need to give something in return. Email addresses are not free anymore. So you need to ask yourself this question: “Why would anybody give me their email address?” This is where a tiny piece of marketing comes into play. It’s called The Lead Magnet. A Lead Magnet is nothing but a tiny bit of information that will solve your visitors’ problem, on the spot, and it’s easily consumed. So for example, if you are into Car Sales, then a perfect Lead Magnet to give away would be “10 Things you NEED to Know about your Next Car Purchase”. It can be a short article, it can also be a video series, but it needs to be short, to the point and solve a problem instantly. Good phrases to brainstorm about your next lead magnet are:
  • “How to XXX without YYY”
  • “XX Steps to YY”
  • “XX More Powerful Ways of YY”
  • “X Things you Need to Do/Think/Achieve/Have in Mind Before you Y”
You will deliver the Lead Magnet as soon as the visitor leaves their email on your website. That is the step number 1 to start building your email list. Tools needed for this step:
  • An Opt-in Form Placed on the Sidebar or Within a Page in your Site
  • A PDF, a Video or Something You Will Give in Return for your Visitor’s Email.
  • A Thank you Page.
Step 2: Delivering your Lead Magnet Once the visitor has left the email in the opt-in box, you need to actually send what you promised you would. This is achieved with a piece of software called Autoresponder. Don’t get too dizzy with technical terms right now. Basically an autoresponder will send an email with a link to download the Lead Magnet, as soon as they opt-in. For this I use Aweber ( or GetResponse ( although there are a ton of other options out there. This autoresponder will also store the email address for later usage. And this is super important because you have a big opportunity right here to start creating more value and giving away more goodies to your new subscriber. That is called “Follow up sequence”. And it’s the next thing you need to setup in your new sales funnel. But first, let’s recap on the tools you need for this step. Tools needed for this step:
  • An Autoresponder (Aweber or Getresponse are recommended, but you can use anything really).
  • An email that will be sent automatically every time someone new signups to receive the Lead Magnet.
Step 3: Creating Value and Following Up Remember about the “Follow up sequence”? I’d say that this should be your next focus from now on, if you are starting out with this kind of sales funnel. A Follow up sequence is a series of emails that will be sent to the new subscriber as time goes by. You can setup an entire follow up sequence to be sent over the next 2-3 months. In fact, I have even setup one year long follow up sequences at some point. Why is this super important? Because you actually want to create a relationship with your subscriber. You don’t want to just send out offers but actually solve people’s problem with your emails. People buys from people, and the more real you are for your subscribers, the more chances you have for them to purchase from you. Think about this for a second. Instead of having a visitors flying through your products or services and leaving, you will be sending “warm” prospects to your offers and pages. How powerful is that? I usually send 1 email per day during the first 5 to 10 days and then 1 email every 3 to 4 days with a valuable tip or insight. Then once or twice a month I’ll entice the subscriber to purchase a product, take on an offer, etc. Tying this all Together Let’s see a little example now to show you how powerful this strategy could be. Let’s say that you pay 1 dollar per click to bring traffic to your website. If you have an opt-in form that is converting at 20%, then 20 out of every 100 people that visit your website will opt-in to receive your Lead Magnet. If you send 100 clicks per day, you are spending $100 a day and creating 20 new leads every single day. You could say that you are spending $5 per lead. At the end of the day, you will have a total of 600 new subscribers that will stack on the subscribers from the month before. If out of those 600 subscribers the 5% purchase a product from you, you will get 30 new sales, just from your subscribers list alone! You can then use the revenue from those 30 new sales to put it back into your marketing or PPC campaign and keep growing the cycle and your subscribers base. Of course, many people will unsubscribe, many people will never purchase anything. But you have been generating value and rapport all of this time with them. Now, when the customer is ready to purchase, instead of looking it up on Google again and purchase from a competitor, they will think about you, your brand, and all of those valuable emails you have been sending. You are then “The Real Deal”, the “Go-to Expert”, and the guy everyone wants to work with. You want to be in that position from now on. And if you take a hit from Google or you get your PPC account shut down, you still have your list of subscribers to bring traffic to your site. There are a ton of benefits associated to building a list. It’s just a matter of tweaking your website a bit to fit this strategy and reap the rewards over the months to come. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that it will help your business grow! It’s my most sincere wish. Have a great day! Hernan
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