After dealing with shrewd business owners for over 35 years, the next article in my Sales Secrets series focuses on how to handle aggressive negotiators.

In sales, you have come across that buyer that yells at you during the negotiations, sometimes even before they even start. They say, “I’m absolutely not buying today” or, “we can not go over this amount” or any other number of positions.

Of course, you have seen this aggressive “grinder-type” negotiator. They are almost overwhelming to the underprepared salesperson.

However, handling them is simple and will result in some of your best deals.

Aggressive negotiators are better than passive ones

First, understand the aggressive buyer is almost always able to buy. I would much rather have this buyer than the one that is complacent.

Complacent means they aren’t moving towards a sale.

Second, you must avoid getting overwhelmed or becoming argumentative. That is the easiest way to make the prospect seize up on now buying. You have to agree with them.

Once you start agreeing, you can then bring third-party data to validate why the price is too high, why these are the terms, etc. Sometimes these objections transform into reasons they should buy — but you have to agree first.

What’s behind the protest?

Lastly, consider that the buyer’s insistence to not do something is covering up a desire to do that exact thing. Otherwise, why such a strong response? Often, they are arguing with themselves, working out if they can make sense of their purchase. Let them.

Today, when I get a very strong insistence to not do something, I know I have a buyer.

In fact, I have a buyer that will actually do what they so strongly claim they will not.

Consider the last time you told your kids “don’t ask me again” and just moments later you were doing exactly what you swore you would not do.

In the sales game, everything starts with this mindset — “The more the buyer insists they won’t, the more likely they will.”

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To wrap everything up, this approach to handling aggressive negotiators is incredibly important to grasp and master.

If you get really good at turning the adamant no buyer, you will close more deals and make more money.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone



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