Josh Felber Reveals How to Grow Your Wealth Like an Entrepreneur in 2015

Felber is everywhere: An accomplished filmmaker, writer, entrepreneur, business mentor and athlete, his advice has appeared on, and The co-author of two national best-sellers — “Transform” with Brian Tracy and “SuccessOnomics” with Steve Forbes — Felber has been recognized by The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors and the National Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs; he was also the national winner of the ATT and USA Today Investment Challenge. Felber got his start in enterprise early, founding his first business at age 14 as a computer dealer. While still in his teens, he formed Merchant Financial Services, an industry leader that eventually went on to generate $5 billion worth of transactions annually. Throughout his career, Felber has also ventured into satellite dish installation, nutraceuticals and green energy solutions, growing each company into a national leader within its vertical. Felber, who also assists aspiring entrepreneurs through his Business Growth Accelerator, has never been one to tie himself down to one vertical or talent. Besides his many businesses, he’s also helped produce a documentary about a wheelchair basketball team, titled “The Rebound,” recently signed on to executive co-produce an upcoming documentary about XPRIZE Foundation CEO Peter Diamandis, has opened and operated numerous fitness facilities in Northeast Ohio, and made appearances as a health and wellness expert on affiliates of a number of national stations, including NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. His own TV show is launching this February on; tenatively titled “The Startup,” it will provide advice for entrepreneurs as they start their own companies. Josh Felber’s No. 1 Tip for Finding Financial Success in 2015 Given his impressive C.V., it’s not surprising that Felber’s biggest tip for financial success in 2015 will be especially pertinent to aspiring enterprisers. “Become omnipresent,” he said. “Can you imagine how much financial success you would have if you, your brand and your company could be known everywhere all the time? Now is the time to push the needle and create 10 times the action around who you are and what you do. Creating that celebrity status, I am an expert in what I do, [you can] use this to start dominating your marketplace. These steps will help capture the attention of potential clients. A great example is Donald Trump or Mark Cuban. You may or may not like them, but you know who they are, as they both are well-known everywhere and dominate their respective areas.” Fans who are interested in learning more can follow Felber on Twitter @felberjosh and visit his website,, for a free CD on getting their side hustle on.
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