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Our intellect separates the human race from the rest of the animal kingdom. Everyone has a great idea that could change the world. The issue is that we don’t know how to execute it. This article outlines the three steps to accomplish an objective of ANY size… 

3 M’s to Turn a Great Idea into Reality

For the most part, people fall into one of two categories… 


Some come in like a hurricane with impossible goals and no consideration of how they happen. They just care that it gets done. 

Then, there are the folks who specialize in reverse engineering the great idea so all stars align for its success. They ensure no stone is left unturned. 

Whichever of these factions you fall into, these tips will be beneficial to you. Because, ideally, you should be a combination of both to win in your endeavors. 

The steps below are the secret to blending those traits. 


Obviously, your belief in your great idea has to be in place first. However, it is equally — if not more — important to attract like-minded people to support you. 

But, how exactly do you do that? 

You must define two things for yourself to then disseminate to team members. 

  1. The overall purpose that this great idea will fulfill. 
  2. A definable, valuable product that can support that purpose. 

It is both of those things that garner committed allies — not the idea in and of itself. That being said, you can’t just sell people once on an idea, no matter how great it is!

It has to be repeated and reinforced through your words and actions… 

Method of Communication

Communication is critical to bring any great idea to life for a variety of reasons… 

One is to keep the mission fresh for everyone — yourself included. The next is to send out strategies and policies that will bring this venture to fruition. 

A great tip for this step is to take the viewpoint of the person you’re communicating with. 

For example, ask yourself: 

  • How they would like to receive their communication? (Phone, text, email?)
  • Do they need all the details or just bullet points?
  • Can they get questions answered easily? 

Regardless of what methods you use, get things out clearly and quickly. It will fast-track your great idea’s progress. 

Monitor Progress 

Statistics are everything when tracking the progress and success of anything in life. 


Measurements like how happy others are can be considered a statistic of life. Depending on what your great idea is, figure out a way to quantify its progress. And, it doesn’t have to be monetary. 

Writers could track the number of pages written a day…

Or, scientists could count correct theories, discoveries, etc. 

There are countless examples. The point is that you need to check the pulse with your great idea or it will just stay an idea. 

Every Monumental Milestone Started As a Great Idea

Great ideas can be big or small. 

They can be as huge as curing disease or making a tweak to improve a recipe. All of them matter because they build up to larger things. 


We hope the steps in this article help you accomplish what is befitting your full potential. 

Be Great,]

GCTV Staff

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